5 Faves & a Dud: Resistance is Futile

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Greetings, Earthlings! I say ‘earthlings’ because Aspen doesn’t like to stop snowing (much) and I feel like I’m working on Hoth this week. Ski goggles are great, even when not skiing, because GALAXY PRINT MAKES ME FEEL COOL.

Speaking of sweet prints, lulu brought it with flux wunder under 50g multi black this week. I want the pants, but I don’t want to be $128 poorer. Having *just* caved on some sweet red Sorels that I 100% did not need.

Sorel Joan Rain Wedge | $165

Will I look a bit like Paddington Bear? Yes. Is that awesome? Yes. Does it stop me from buying the #1 pick on this week’s list? Yes.

Onward to the stretchy cute things. There’s a good amount of fun to be had this week.

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/24/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) ($128) in flux wunder under 50g multi black

Maybe it’s the 7.2% Uinta Hop Nosh IPA in me speaking, or maybe it’s the fact that these pants are amazing that I just said out loud “ugghaaaahhhhh I want them so baaaad” in front of my two coworkers. The FOMO is real, ladies. They think I’m nuts.

Favorite #2: Speed Short ($58) in mini dedication dot indian ocean astro blue/black

Another thing on the list this week making me voice my “I want dis” out loud. Lululemon, this makes me happy that you’ve been upping your fun pattern game this month. Wahooooooo! Teal, you be flattering yo.

Favorite #3: Short Stop Long Sleeve ($68) in black

Once you crop, you can’t stop. See what I did there? I’m hilarious. No I’m not. Yes I am. Maybe. Love the mesh in the back. When you spend $50+ on a lulu sports bra, you welcome the opportunity to show it, instead of hide it. Curious as to how this one works its magic in real life.

Favorite #4: Gear Up Long Sleeve ($88) in hero blue

I’m on a bit of a rulu kick with this mountain stint I’m in right now, so hi ho this shirt would go very patriotically nicely  with my bright red snow pants and GO PATRIOTS

Favorite #5: Gear Up Tank ($68) in black

When you feel fluffy, loose-fitting tanks are a godsend. The shorter length looks like this may be better suited for the under 5’5″ shopping demographic.

The Dud: Cold Shoulder Tank ($48) in white

2005 called. The sorority girls want their clubbing shirt back. Says anonymous coworker, “it looks like someone took a wife beater and chopped one of the shoulders off it.” His words, not mine. I won’t disagree. This look can still be a nice one, on evening gowns, not gym clothes.

Oh man. I’ve got to turn away from the laptop in the name of being social, but THOSE WUPS I WANT THEM!

Did anyone else bite the bait?


  1. That one shoulder shirt is the worst. Ugh.

    And I haven’t seen anyone blog about the Lululemon Strava challenge. I got an email saying I get a swiftly shortsleeve for running 25 miles in 2 weeks and using the app. Will try and pick it up tomorrow when my showroom opens. (Free stuff?!) Did anyone else do the challenge?

    1. I haven’t seen much excitement about the Strava thing either. I can’t remember if I’m imagining things or actually read it somewhere that the runs need to be public and outdoors to count. In January. Great if you’re in Miami, not so great if you’re anywhere that snow or freezing rain is a constant.

      I understand the attempt to capitalize on the resolution mentality, but it may have been better received in April or May when people start ramping up their training for summer races.

      I feel like it would be an excellent tool in helping me get off my ass and start Seawheeze training a bit earlier than July this year.

    2. I did the challenge! Massive achievement for me getting back into running after 3 knee surgeries. I’m based in Australia so was pretty disappointed that the swiftly is only for people in America…

  2. I said the same thing about the cold shoulder shirt! Ahhh… 2005. Did we really look so stupid wearing these back then?

  3. I don’t understand that cold shoulder shirt. What bra do you wear with that? Is the thought that we are working out in a strapless bra or going bra-less? Am I wearing a regular bra with one side exposed like a fool? It’s a dated look for sure, but the least they could’ve done is added a built-in bra. So stupid.

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