5 Faves & a Dud: 1/31/17 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Giggity. Looks like lululemon is seeking to help out dudes who know the way to a woman’s heart is through chocolate or magic pants. While they can’t help on the chocolate, they *can* help a brother out in making sure the Valentine’s Day gift for his lady will arrive on time if he’s smart enough to order by February 8th.

This means that if you’re in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t refuse to acknowledge the day because of “corporate cliche blah blah blah” and really wants to put a smile on his girl’s face… you’ve got 8 more days to drop hints.

Last week, I got excited about a lot of things. This week, not as much, but let’s work through this together. On a random note, I noticed that now what I would consider regular Wunder Under Pants are now being billed as “low rise”. Not necessary, IMHO.

OH, and I walked by a lululemon today and did not go in. Go me! (I think.)

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/31/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Cadence Crusher Tight ($118) in dark royal

No words, just admiration. I’m really liking this design, and am happy to now see it available in 5 different colors. The color doesn’t really seem all that royal to me, but it’s still… just… nice.

Favorite #2: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($78) in deep rouge/black

Beginning to heather swiftlies with black is one of the smartest things that lululemon’s team has done. Deep in the heart of winter, deep rouge is a cozy shade. Deeply.

Favorite #3: Energy Bra ($52) in alberta lake

Three colors into the lineup in the latest Energy Bras is a lulu classic, Alberta Lake. I’ll admit that I had to zip through last week’s post, so if AL actually came out last week, I’M SORRY! Egg on my face. Too gorgeous of a color not to include, no matter what.

Favorite #4: NACHOS! (#homemade) on my plate right now

omgnachosLong-term business travel means condo with a kitchen, which in turn means you buy what you *think* you’re going to eat for the next few weeks upon moving in. Then, when you only have a few days left and there’s random food still in the fridge… you and your roommate turn it into ground turkey & bacon nachos.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Hi-Rise *Fullux ($98) in radiate rose alpine white black

Alright alright alright… I’m issuing a “get out of dud jail free” card to these pants, because the contrast in the pattern is a real winner. Just promise me you won’t squat in public while wearing these pants.

The Dud: Dark Chrome

As you can see in both the Everyday Getaway Jacket and the Hotty Hot Short Long, dark chrome does anything but stand out. No ostentatious designs or total oddities this week, seeing that the comments section opened up my eyes to why arm warmers make sense a while back.

Don’t get me wrong, I own a ton of gray things, but there’s a warm brownish twinge in dark chrome that just doesn’t blow my skirt up.

Mental Capacity for the Night is Dwindling

Before I get completely engrossed in this Super Bowl/football/tailgate-themed episode of Chopped…

  • What in the world is the difference between the Wunder Under 1/2 Tight and a Wunder Under Crop? 2in of fabric? What is in the water in Vancouver this week?
  • Because we know that lulu loves to confuse the bananas out of you on laundry day in low lighting by selling super similar colors, on the heels of bordeaux drama’s moving back in, now we’ve got deep rouge.
  • Is it me or are things going off the rails a bit… the High Times Pant exists as a 7/8 length alternative to the WUP, and now we are seeing a 7/8 Hi-Rise WUP in addition to the High Times? OY VEY.
  • Now I know why the Fresh Tracks Pant went on sale a few weeks back… to make room for the Fresh Tracks Pant II.
  • The Move Bra is hopping on the high-neck mesh sports bra bandwagon. I like the front, but the back is a bit too simple for me.

8:52p and I’m ready for bed. What am I, 7? Nope. I’m in my 30’s. Oomf.

Didn’t even think of going near the “add to cart” button this evening. What about everyone else… quiet week?


      1. I thought the same thing, but then, there is a nearly full color/size run of the high rise WUP on WMTM so my fingers are crossed HTs go the same way!

  1. The Wunder Under 1/2 Tight and the Wunder Under Crop are very similar… but the 1/2 Tight has some mesh on the sides 🙂

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