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lululemonWMTM Alert

Welp, I’m not sure if this is an official ‘warehouse sale’ as some people were chalking it up to be, but lulu *did* send an email about heading over to WMTM this morning. This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like that, but when they do it’s usually with good reason. With 60-something items yesterday, WMTM has blown up to 120+ this morning.

I have to admit, some of these price points aren’t very impressive (read: discounted). So, let’s take a look. What’s good? So many options I actually had to break themĀ down into categories!

WMTM ALERT – 1/12/17 Upload


  • Oooohhh the Featherlight Tight. I LIKE YOU! For $79, heathered black, black and iridescent multi black
  • Lucky size 6’s – I want the cyber stripe gator green black High Times Pants šŸ™
  • WUP Hi-Rise (Luon) – $79, 7 colors! tender violet, jewelled magenta, desert olive,wind chill deep navy black, sapphire blue, regal plum, painted animal bordeaux drama
  • WUP Hi-Rise (Luxtreme) – $69, giant herringbone black grape heathered tender violet
  • WUP Hi-Rise (Fullux) – $69 – red grape
  • WUP Hi-Rise -space dye camo alberta lake fresh teal or miss mosaic black (both colors size 4 only)
  • Outrun 17″ Crop – I still love these, prices range from $49 to $79
  • If you have a tolerance for fullux, there are $59 Hi-Rise WUCs in iced wave capri black and ice breaker white black
  • As far as luon Hi-Rise WUCs go, luon ripple jacquard black white is also going for $59
  • Tight Stuff Crop – Pricey compression down to $89 in cerulean blue and frozen fizz white black
  • Free Runner Crop – business in the front, mesh in the back! Heathered black, plum, shatter weave desert teal alberta lake/black, black
  • Who is still buying Groove Pants? These are actually discounted by 50%.
  • Deep Breath Crop, even MORE mesh party in the back than the Free Runner
  • Size 10’s win the game with the Pace Rival Crop in sapphire blue šŸ˜€
  • Still some blooming pixie High Times leftover from last week
  • As far as slate/gray goes, there are the Wunder Under Pant AND the Wunder Under Pant III available
  • For less gym and more casual wear, take a gander at the Fresh Tracks Pant or the Wander Pant
  • The dark carbon/black Flow & Go Tight have a bit of a shibori vibe, but a lower price tag than the WUPS
  • Align Crops! Regal plum. I’d be on these like white on rice if I were into yoga right now.
  • WUC Hi-Rise Peek in black, $69



  • 105F Singlet – $44 in black grape, jewelled magenta
  • Fit Physique Tank – $49
  • Cool Racerback II – I still won’t give in. If you like them, beach blanket blue, lush coral, scatter star arctic grey black. Have at it.
  • Cool Racerback (the Original) – still 5 colors left: pink lemonade, spry blue, porcelaine, regal plum and kayak. I already own 3 of the 5. Whomp.
  • Still haven’t tried a Swiftly Tech Racerback. Have one in heathered ray. I know an Amanda & Ray, but not a Heather & Ray. Ha!
  • So much for the Sculpt Tank II – it’s been appearing on MD already in the past month
  • The original Sculpt TankĀ is marked down too, looks like they found more in the back of the warehouse
  • Fit Physique Tank – the Wild Tank’s younger, more conservatively styled sister
  • FYI, the Featherlight Singlet doesn’t look it online, but it’s 100% mesh. Buy it now, saveĀ it for June. Or for hot yoga.
  • I wish the Power Y Tank was available in more than slate. I’ve been meaning to try one out for casual layering purposes now that the CRB is essentially dead.


  • Define Jacket – $89, darkest magenta, sizes 2,4 only
  • Lululemon gifted me a City Bound Hoodie this fall. It’s a stiffer techie fabric, and there’s definitely extra room in the torso. If you take advantage of the mega discount ($49) on this, keep the roomy fit in mind. Size 6 only.
  • I have been trying to keep my distance on the Run for Cold Pullover, but I may finally cave in. Never mind. I just checked sizes. White is 4 & 8, Black 4 only. The plum color showing on the shop page doesn’t pop up on the item page.
  • Maybe I should give the Hill and Valley Turtleneck a shot given the fact that I love the Hill and Valley Mock Neck Crop Top so much.
  • Kick the Cold Hoodie – so much superscript describing your fancy fabric, eh?Ā PolartecĀ® Power StretchĀ® Proā„¢. You fancy huh?
  • As for the Kick the Cold Jacket – I have no idea why there are drawstrings on a jacket with no hood. Doesn’t seem to make much functional sense.
  • Fleece Be True Jacket, I’m liking your $49 price tag and off-center zipper.
  • Snow bunnies! You’ll probably have use forĀ a Layer MeĀ Turtleneck some time in the near future.
  • Size 2’s can get the lululemon version of your boyfriend’s hoodie, the Fleece Please Pullover, for $49


  • Free to Be Zen – 5 Colors:Ā power luxtreme spray jacquard shocking blue black/black, deep green,Ā ice breaker white black, plume white black, iridescent multi black
  • Free to Be TranquilĀ –Ā iridescent multi black, lush coral,Ā fall net white black/ray,Ā plume white black
  • Featherlight Bra – NOT a racerback. Iridescent multi black, heathered black, black.
  • OtherĀ non-racerback options: On Track Bra, Infinite Motion Bra,Ā Both Ways Bra. Fun fact about the Both Ways: available in 8 colors and the straps can be worn straight or criss-cross
  • Deep Breath Bra – for ladies with small chests only.
  • Fast Lane Bra – $29, which is an appropriate markdown price. Gorgeous cerulean blue, but sadly only size 2’s left
  • Energy Bra H2O – take a hike then jump in a lake in cerulean blue, black orĀ iced wave white black.
  • Get it Om Bra – no way in the world I could pull this one off. Maybe you can.


  • The Vinyasa Scarf Quilt is more quilt than scarf. I got a thick fleece Vinyasa Scarf a couple years ago on WMTM and wore it twice before ultimately selling it on Poshmark. Giant scarves seem great and warm in theory until you get so lost in them it looks like you’re wearing an airplane blanket with buttons.
  • I am a bit partial to the Baller Hat for casual wear, but do own one Race to Place Run Hat. While they won’t keep you warm, the light weight is a plus for runners who like to wear hats. For $19, why not.
  • The girl modeling the Top Knot Toque makes it look so cute. Any time I try to rock that look, I look plain old doofy.
  • For those of you who use corporate gyms during the day, take a shot on the heathered dark gray Go Getter Bag (Heat). Luxe gym bag that doesn’t look like a ratty gym bag.
  • Neck warmers are underrated. Same look without the bulk of a scarf. Some of you may find the No Shivers Neck Warmer pretty damn useful.

PHEW… and that doesn’t even cover it all. Head on over to the WMTM page for the rest. Sometimes lulu updates throughout the course of the day and into Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for more deals in the next 24 hours.

Now that I’ve exhausted my fingers by pounding on the keyboard for an hour, it’s time to take advantage of the fact I’ve got today off from work to check out my local store’s deals!

Happy Thursday! šŸ™‚


  1. I have the same problem with the Top Knot Toque! The model looks so adorable in the photos, but when I tried it, I felt dumb. It tempts me every time I see it on WMTM though.

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