Fitting Room: the Sale Rack


I have this bad habit of taking fitting room photos and neglecting to post about them because I feel the need to go into immense detail… and then I see a shiny squirrel and forget until it’s too late.

So before this afternoon’s try-ons get away from me, here are the screen caps and some quick notes from my latest insta story. For reference, I’m 5’9″ and a TTS 8 on top and 10 on the bottom.

Fit Physique Long Sleeve ($49/WMTM) in black


Damn you, autocorrect! This is the Fit Physique LS. It’s rather roomy, and 100% mesh. I tried it on on a whim, and ended up liking the fact that I can have a bit of fun with tank tops underneath. Looking forward to wearing this shirt more for a night out at the bar, instead of with the barbell. Result: BOUGHT

Sweat and Savasana Sweater ($148/Full Price) in black

Because of the price tag, I glossed right on over this one when it dropped on Tuesday. However, once Shannon noted in the comments section that she was taking a shot on it, I grabbed one to see what it was all about.

It’s got a nice front pouch to keep your phone/cold hands in, and nice slouchy turtleneck that doesn’t suffocate you at all. About to spend a few weeks in the mountains, this was a splurge. I usually treat myself to one lululemon sweater per year, this one is it.

Fingers crossed that I don’t run into the washing/shrinking issues that other reviewers online seem to be experiencing. Result: BOUGHT

Fleece Be True Jacket ($49/WMTM) in black

This is the one item I went into the store with intent to try on. Sometimes my large shoulders have trouble fitting into TTS lulu tops, so I go up to a 10. I did in this and it was not doing me any favors.

This jacket had a bit of a boxy fit, and the fabric seemed faded already. I could tell one wash would be turning the ‘black’ into a 5-year-old faded look. Result: PASS

Hill and Valley Mock Neck Crop Top ($49/WMTM) in heathered slate

You can tell by the doofy look on my face that I really love this top. I already bought one in black a couple weeks ago. It’s incredibly soft and draws attention to your waist in a good way. It was tough to leave this one in store, but I am trying to stop myself from immediately buying TWO of everything. Plus, I wasn’t expecting to like the Fit Physique LS so much. Result: PASS

Run for Cold Jacket ($94 in store, still $198 online) in black

Unimpressed. I tried on a 10 here, and there wasn’t much room for layering. The puff factor was cool, but if it’s cold enough that I’m going to be wearing a down jacket, it’s going to be a diesel North Face parka, not this little running jacket.

While it’s still listing at full price online, check your local store. Mine had plenty that were marked down. Result: PASS

Outrun Crop 17″ ($49/WMTM) in black

Although the internet had mixed reviews, I loved these and ran a Seawheeze in Outrun Crops. That said, I again told myself, NO you don’t need to buy a different color of what you already own. Result: PASS

Fresh Tracks Pant ($79/WMTM) in black

I honestly have no idea why I even grabbed these in the first place. But, when I put them on they just felt awesome. I’ve wanted to give the casual jogger look a try for a while now, but the Jet Crop and Jet Pant with their fake fly and bunched waistband just did not flatter my body type.

Made from ‘tech fleece’ they’re less flimsy than anticipated, have a mid-to-high rise, and were extremely comfortable. I think I may have found myself a new pair of airplane pants. Result: BOUGHT

BONUS ROUND: I forgot to look for them until after I’d come out of the fitting room (and didn’t feel like going back in), so I grabbed the score jacquard Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) in cerulean blue on my way out the door. Hoping that I’ll love them! If not, that’s what receipts & returns are for.



  1. have you tried on the ready to rulu joggers? OMG they feel like you’re wearing a cloud. I’m hoping these will drop to wmtm, then then they’ll be mine!

  2. What’s the luxtreme like on the score jacquard WUC? I’ve been loving the looks of that fabric online, and I’m super curious!

    1. They’re about the feel of the cyber stripe knits. Minor sheerness, or that could just be the fact that I gained an inch in my hips over the holidays and all pants are a little tighter than usual on me right now 😛

      1. Thanks! You and me both on the holiday “fluff” lol. Double duty at crossfit now!!

        Thanks to a long weekend and relatively few plans, I will be stopping by a store for a try-on.

  3. I picked up the Sweat and Savasana and Sit in Lotus sweaters on a surprise supplier sale my company was offered (20% off!) over the holidays. I love them both and am now TERRIFIED to wash them based on the reviews. If you wash yours soon, would be curious to hear how it fares. Thinking I may just send to the dry cleaner.

    1. I’m currently working out of town, so I probably won’t be able to wash it in the comfort of my own home for a bit. I’m incredibly nervous to do so, just like everyone else who grabbed that sweater. One review recommended carefully going over it with a low-heat steam iron, that seemed to rescue her sweater back to good-as-new status.

      1. Reporting back, in case you haven’t washed yet. Mine seemed to fair pretty well. I do notice slight shrinking, but nothing that gets me very worked up. I washed in cold and dried flat on a bed.

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