WMTM Alert: 10/13/16 – 250+ ITEMS! (Updated)

lululemonWMTM Alert

This is the highest WMTM count I’ve seen, perhaps EVER. While I comb through and write a more detailed listing, sandwich in hand…


…funk soul brother.

WMTM Alert – 10/13/16

What I just got… (WMTM has now lured me in 2 weeks in a row after a very long drought)


  • OG Cool Racerback lovers like me, get them while you still can. 🙁 11 colors in various sizes. Act now!
  • Size 4’s win on Energy Bras, the rest of us strike out.
  • The space dye camo seal grey deep coal/grapefruit Free to Be Wild makes me happy. I have no idea why I didn’t order it. Size 10s and 12s, you win for once!
  • If the tank is anything like the bra, then the Strap It Like It’s Hot Tank will not disappoint. Available in all sizes in black.
  • Not surprised by the boxy Split Short Sleeve. Not a fan.
  • Super purple Cool Racerback II, this surprises me (ish)
  • Free to Be Zen Bra – mini warp true red black
  • All Tied Up Tank in black – have it in gray, love it. This is a deal. sz 2-4-6-8 available
  • What the Sport Singlet in black, 2-4-6-8, no 10 🙁 – heathered black 2-4-6-8-10
  • 2’s & 4’s it’s you lucky day if you thought you missed out on the quite flattering Enhearten Tank. Black and lilac!
  • While the straps in back give it a bit of a lingerie look, the For Love Tank looks to be a great layering piece for fall. 6-8-10 in rosewood.
  • An EXCELLENT candidate for secretly wearing lululemon to work: Radiant Long Sleeve. Available in 2 & 4 only, too bad this isn’t available in my size.
  • Size 2 & size 4 ladies with a bun in the oven, snag the flowy Making Moves Top!
  • The heathering isn’t my favorite, the Salute the Sun Tank is available in size 2 across the board, a bit of a crapshoot on other sizes. 5 colors available overall.


  • SPEED SHORTS. So many shorts! 11 different colors of shorts! However, the discount is only $5-$10. Far cry from when all colors used to go on sale for $34 (only a few colors are going for this low price, the others are $49 or $44).
  • 2 special editions also marked down, the Speed Short H2O and the Speed Short Mesh
  • Trying to move some OLD SCHOOL gear off the shelves: Groove Short II & Groove Short II (Roll Down – Tall) – both in boom juice
  • Also a random box found on the shelves, the Run Inspire Crop II (Mesh) in heathered black/sunset stripe blush quartz multi
  • Also, the Run Inspire Crop II All Luxtreme in mini ziggy snake pipe dream blue sapphire blue/pipe dream blue. SO MANY WORDS for digital blue lizard.
  • Their newer friend, the Pace Rival Crop is marked down in a few color options as well:
    • black/miss mosaic black (2 only)
    • space dye camo black dark slate/black (12 only)
    • wee are from space nimbus battleship/seal grey (8,10,12)
  • For those who are into the seamless thing, the Flow & Go Crop is available in deep green and bali breeze, in all sizes


Long story short, there’s a lot of stuff up on WMTM right now. It would take me all night to sit here, and I know there are things that some of you have been eyeballing that I may not even think are worth a mention. Check it out for yourself. While I found a few hits, a few friends didn’t. You never know, it all depends on your own personal style. You owe it to yourself to browse. 🙂


  1. I did a double take when I saw the item number jump to 258! I thought I having a stroke, lol!! Snagged a LS swiftly (old color, but still pretty) for $39. Debating on a jacket…

      1. Pulled the trigger on the jacket I wanted. It was on MD at $149, then the website went down and it came back as $99!! I guess I’m possibly SOL, but I will be calling Lulu tomorrow.

    1. I’m recognizing some stuff that hasn’t been ‘new’ for 2 years… wherever they found it, happy for discounted merch to be available to the masses. Warehouse sales are fun sometimes, but I can’t say I hate shopping from my couch 🙂

  2. All I nabbed was another original CRB in heathered menthol. I’m so bummed that they discontinued my favorite tank so I’m snapping it up whenever I find an acceptable color. As for the super purple CRB II showing up on WMTM, I know a lot of people seem pissed that the CRB I was discontinued so aren’t buying the new one on principle. For me, the back of the new style is really unflattering on me and my ridiculously long torso needs the long length of the original. It’s killing me to see all of these pretty colors coming out in the CRB II since I’d happily be spending a fortune at Lulu if they were coming out in the CRB I.

  3. Ugh – just about to hit checkout, then Lulu goes and sends a “Woohoo LOOK” email, and POOF their stupid site breaks! Ah well. Someone is sending me a message that I didn’t *need* all that stuff in my basket…

  4. I can’t believe they’re still selling that skirt at such a high price online- I got it back in March at the Orlando outlet for $39 (plus my R&D 15% discount!!!). Makes up for some of the full price purchases I’ve made that have gone on to WMTM I suppose…

  5. I got the Party Om bag, a few assorted tanks and the maze WUPs. I has a happy. I also got the Split SS that looks like a sack. It’s french terry so I thought it would be cozy for hanging around the house in. I went to the store last night and tried one on. I went down TWO sizes lol. It wound up being really cute and flattering! So there’s the trick to that one, size down, twice.

  6. I can’t help but notice my last four online orders did not come with a red bag. This is not a complaint as I have more than I know what to do with. At first I thought it was only my WMTM orders but my full priced purchase didn’t have a bag as well.

    1. Just got a WMTM delivery about 15min ago and I didn’t get a red bag either, which I’m actually happy about. I have far too many. I try to reuse as many as possible, but still have a ton. Every time I sell an item on posh, it gets shipped with a little red shopper!

      1. Thanks, I looked online out of curiosity and didn’t find a mention of it. It’s funny how I would get annoyed with all those bags kicking around but now I’m thinking a need to be a bit more conservative about handing them out. They certainly can be handy.

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