5 Faves & a Dud: 10/11/16 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I can’t write any other words without first saying THANK YOU to everyone for all the kind words and birthday wishes last week. Completing my 30th year on earth was a bit rocky, and I’m hopeful that 31 will be on the up and up. Your comments meant a lot when I was really feeling like dirt.

With the bad came some good, meaning CAKE, quality time with my little nieces, some good family news and a Sigur Rós concert with a college friend who I don’t get to see all that often.

Sigur Rós – Kings Theater | Brooklyn, NY 10/7/16

Can we talk about Iceland for a minute? First it was Annie Thorisdottir taking the CrossFit world by storm. Then Katrin Davidsdottir & Sara Sigmundsdottir came along. Then, Reykjavik has become the ‘it’ destination for travelers in recent years.

Then, I was tipped off onto an Icelandic band (who have actually been around for a long time), and within 2 weeks I found myself scouring StubHub for a last-minute pair of tickets to a sold-out Sigur Rós show in Brooklyn last Friday night, thinking “I GOTTA SEE THEM!”.

Is the Icelandic phenomenon only manifesting itself in my realm, or is everyone else noticing it too? It’s the place to go, it’s the place to be from, Iceland is IT. Has anyone been? Does it live up to the hype? If I need to go on a mileage run this December to clinch airline status for 2017, should I go to Iceland for lunch?

At first look, upload didn’t seem all that thrilling this week. In the past 2 years, the first week of October has always yielded some sort of OMG FUN pair of pants or crops that I’ve snagged as a HBD to me (ex: plaid WUPs, bali breeze cyber stripe WUCs). I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks now. Nada. Then, as I combed through this week’s selection… I had to stop and whittle my favorites down to 5. Turns out there are some sleepers in there after all.

[SIDE NOTE: I failed to post a WMTM Alert from my hole of self pity last week, but right now it’s up to 200(!!!) items. Check it out!]

5 Faves & a Dud – 10/11/16 Upload

Favorite #1: City Bound Dress ($128) in black

This pick may surprise a few of you. It’s a bit potato sack-ish, but the loose yet structured look is capturing my attention. Will have to check it out in person, if this is more of a blend or obviously a sweatshirt-ish deal. If it’s not an obvious sweatshirt, I will tell you right now that this will be your favorite dress to wear to work (with Aligns & boots) on Mondays during the winter, after a few too many beers and wings on Sunday Fundays.

Plus, it has pockets. It’s against Girl Code not to like a dress with pockets.

Favorite #2: Wild and Free Tank ($58) in black or shocking blue

The winner for me here is the neckline. Not a scoop, but not a V either. Plus, the mesh back still lets you have a little fun with whatever sports bra you choose to layer underneath.

I can’t even make a call on color. Leave me out of that decision. You do you, girlfriend.

Favorite #3: Wild and Free Tight ($118) in black

I don’t have a history of liking large mesh panels on pants. This time, the way the stripe details angle at different directions along the sides speak to me.

You want to know what they’re saying?

Favorite #4: Align Pant II ($98) in darkest magenta

Ever since getting these medium brown tall suede boots a couple weeks ago, I’m all about mixing them with jewel tone pants. I wore a pair of skinnies today extremely close to this color with a cream sweater and thought I looked pretty cute. Wasn’t just feeling the outfit because it included an awesome leather belt from Abercrombie & Fitch that I’ve had since 2002. I’m projecting right now. The purple, I dig it.

Favorite #5: Pace Rival Crop ($88) in antique paisley sapphire blue black/black

Royal blue. Paisley. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Nope. So I’m not going to.

The Dud: All Time Tee ($68) in heathered medium gray

Sew a hood onto this and call yourself Bill Belichick. At least you’d get paid to hang out with Tom Brady, Julian Edelman and Gronk all day.

The man knows football, not fashion.

Honorable Mention

  • Circuit Breaker SkirtRegular / Tall ] ($68) in darkest magenta
  • Conduit Singlet ($58) in black
  • The As You Like Bra deserves to be noticed. Initially I thought ‘meh’ until I clicked through to item’s page. You can slide the straps around for multiple different looks. I’m too lazy to replace one of the faves listed above, just know, this bra seems like a fun and new idea.

Other Stuff I Should Talk About

  • I would like to play Hide & Seek in the Embrace the Space Hoodie.
  • The Work the Circuit Tank incorporates the same type of mesh panel in back as the Wild and Free Tank above.
  • It’s not new this week, but I feel like you could absolutely layer the Contour Tank under a blazer and pencil skirt to channel your inner Cosmopolitan columnist.
  • In case brave olive isn’t doing it for you, the Free to Be Bra (Wild) is available in trusty gator green.
  • If you’re more zen than wild, lululemon seems to really be banking on the success of the Free to Be Bra (Zen). Shoppers now have 11 colors to choose from. I haven’t tried one on yet. Can anyone speak to if it’s supportive at all? That’s my problem with the FTBW. Cute and all, but it’s a bit too low-cut and loose for me to do any sort of vigorous exercise in.
  • The fall net toxic black High Times Pant are fun, but there’s no way that pattern isn’t a ton of black printed onto yellowish/split pea luon. It’s all fun and games until you have to bend over to tie your shoes. Or do squats.
  • Darkest magenta is the colour du jour, and I’m a fan. Options include:
  • The Hotty Hot Skirt II comes in chilled grape and aurora, but no darkest magenta. My eyeballs are starting to get tired. Someone pass me a glass of wine.
  • Speaking of wine… When did a bordeaux drama Sculpt Tank sneak in there? Shame on me if my lulu goggles have been foggy lately.
  • The moonlit magenta Speed Shorts look off to me. This is what happened with the fresco blue pair I ordered last year and ended up wearing once before selling this summer. The waistband and the shorts hold the dye differently, and they just aren’t the same color.
  • Mittens & gloves are popping up again. It’s that time of year. Brrrrrrr.

Let’s Get Mathematic!

Q: How many more cubic inches of space do you get for an extra $10 in the All Day Tote vs the All Day Tote Mini Which is a better buy?

Let’s do some math and figure it out.

The regular size tote holds 26L/50lbs. The Mini holds 15L/no weight listed. Big is $4.92 per liter of space. Mini is $7.86 per liter. There you have it, savvy shoppers.

A: The full size All Day Tote easily gets you more bang for your buck.

The gift card that my generous big sister gave me for my birthday is going unspent this evening. There are lots of likes, but no immediate loves for me. What about everyone else?


  1. Omg! Make “Let’a Get Mathematic” a recurring post. You can find so many entertaining Lulu math concepts! And THANK YOU for catching the Bill Belichick top. I thought the same thing. Fugly.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Girl you’ve gotta check out the Athleta sweater dresses. They have a huge variety of shapes, lengths, thicknesses, and degrees of dressiness (from office chic to gym warmup). And I haven’t checked the price of the new lulu potato sack but I’d assume the athleta ones will save you money. If you haven’t checked out their new fall designs, you should! They’ve stepped up their game hardcore this year.
    Side note: after two different hotty hot shorts I bought later hit wmtm I’m resisting the new military green and it’s killing me inside

  3. I saw Sigur Rós here in Vancouver in September! As soon as I saw your header pic, I was like “wait, that looks familiar”. And I have been to Iceland! I was there with my husband in of June 2015. It is magic. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life. It is touristy for sure, but it’s not hard to get out of Reykjavik and, once you do, you really feel like you’re somewhere that’s been forgotten but it’s the best kind of forgotten. So good. Also, the waterfalls!! So gorgeous! You should for sure go.

  4. I’ve been really bored by the women’s uploads lately. On a whim I scrolled down to the men’s upload and saw the new surge thermo vest in “afterburner black multi”.

    Why do men get cute things like those and we get the keep it on the downlow vest that looks like a penguin/duck bottom? If the surge vest goes on sale I’m grabbing it.

    And from one October baby to another, happy birthday! Mine was on the 7th.

  5. The sculpt tank has really been one of my favorites over the past few months. I can wear it to CrossFit and layer it for work. The bordeaux drama and the inkwell speed crop may be a little birthday present to myself this week.

  6. I’ve been a huge Sigur Ros fan since they came out with Ágætis byrjun. So it’s been a long time in fact, I actually have the angel tattoo on my back. He has the voice of an angel. I’ve seen them a few times in concert but haven’t in a few years. Lucky you to see them in Brooklyn! I saw them once with Bjork at the baseball field.

  7. I’ve love Sigur Ros since their 2008 album with a title that I’m not going to attempt to type out. Something about their music has you engaged and singing a long despite not understanding a word. They haven’t released a new album in a while, though. Glad to see they are still selling out venues. Iceland is having a renaissance, particularly since beating England in euro cup!

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