5 Faves & a Dud: Princess Leia Gon’ Knock You Out

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Hoping to find someone to validate my impulsivity on this here fine Tuesday (no I didn’t get a face tattoo or buy a yacht), because I can’t be the only rando out there. Saturday morning, I woke up with no agenda. By noon, I had walked down the hall from my front office, emptied 3 bookshelves, moved them plus a table across the room and completely rearranged the setup in that room for the better.

I did not wake up with the intention to do that, but I did. Now, I love this room. Glad it took almost 6 years for me to kind of sort of get my extra bedroom on track to look like my original cozy vision for it… from 2010.

In other non-news, impulsively bought a box of Annie’s Mac & Cheese while at Target this evening. Aforementioned box is about to be finished because squat hunger, an utter lack of self control and… cheese.

At first scroll through this week’s upload… 10 items made it onto the shortlist for this week. So, what better way to whittle it down to 5 than to have 5 face-offs?

5 Face-Offs & a Dud – 10/18/16 Upload

Matchup #1: Free to Be Tranquil Bra ($52) in shocking blue vs Energy Bra ($52) in mini boom bloom beach blanket blue ice milk

The Winner: Free to Be Tranquil Bra, because if I’m being completely honest, one minute I like the Energy Bra in that pattern, the next minute I think it matches someone’s crazy aunt’s muumuu that she frequently wears around her winter home in Boca Raton.

Matchup #2: First Mile Jacket ($228) in white vs First Mile 1/2 Zip ($118) in black

The Winner: First Mile Jacket. Yes, it looks like something Princess Leia wore on Hoth, and that’s a big part of the reason I like it. I like Star Wars, and my BB-8 sippy cup and I aren’t ashamed to admit it.

Alas, dirt and I are too chummy, making the idea of actually owning this jacket a silly one. At least not in white.

Kudos to the First Mile 1/2 Zip for putting up a good fight. It reminds me of the Define Pullover, which is one of my favorite buys from last season. Looking forward to wearing it once CT STOPS BEING 85 DEGREES IN OCTOBER.

Matchup #3: Speed Wunder Tight *Nulux ($128) in florence speed wunder 50 G white black vs High Times Pant ($98) in luon spray jacquard shocking blue black

The Winner: AGGGGHHHHH this one is a push.

The Speed Wunders are similar to the dottie tribe WUPS that did so well, with the pattern detailing down the side of the legs, while keeping it neutral in the middle.

Some may not like how the black stitching stands out, but I actually do like it. It would look weirder with white thread, IMHO.

On the other side, those stock photos are NOT of High Times Pants unless the model is 4’10” and they forgot to hem her pants before the photoshoot. If there are legit length High Times out there in the shocking blue spray jacquard, I’d be lying if I said I weren’t interested in owning a pair.

Matchup #4: First Mile Tech Tight ($118) in darkest magenta vs All the Right Places Crop II ($118) in deep indigo

The Winner: All the Right Places Crop II. While the high price point has prevented me from actually forking over the $ for a pair of ATRP, any pair I’ve tried on has always made me happy. The only tricky part is the seamless panel in front. Could get some interesting creasing issues in the front if you’ve got quads, but darker colors help to minimize how noticeable that situation can be.

Another good fight put up by the First Mile capsule, this time the Tech Tight. The seam pattern is like if Outruns, Speed Tights and Inspires all got together and got sassy. Me likey. In fact, if I didn’t buy the Outrun Tight last month, I may have declared the tights the winner.

Matchup #5: Sculpt Tank ($58) in beach blanket blue vs Free to Be Zen Bra ($52) in power luxtreme spray jacquard shocking blue black/black

The Winner: There isn’t one. Apparently I’m not so good at being judgey today. Another tie. Just think if you wore the Free to Be Zen underneath the Sculpt Tank to show off the fun straps. Yes, that.


The Dud: Pleat to Street Bomber ($118) in heathered snow slub coal

Snooze. No shape, no color, no pizzazz, no nothing. Yup, I just used the word pizzazz. I’m sleep-deprived. Possibly depraved. A little bit of both?

The entire box of Annie’s is now gone. Kind of in a food coma. The fact that I went to bed last night, woke up at 2:30a and laid in bed unable to fall back asleep until 5a may also be catching up to me.

Pardon me while I conk out on the keyboardksnjn;fdjf.s,mbfgbjflsbnhjlgsfdhjjjfjadjajjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj


  1. How DARE they make the Sculpt tank in this shade. I have it in black and tofino teal but that right there is so close to my power color, sigh. Love the sippy cup! Was just cooing about BB8 recently when looking at Halloween costumes.

  2. I nearly choked on my oatmeal when I saw the price of the Quilted vinyasa. I’m not even sure I’d buy it at half off. Go have a look

      1. er mah gawd, i will have to find this. Two very nerdy brothers of mine will be very happy campers this xmas!

  3. You’re adorable 😊 now I want mac and cheese 😁 shame we ain’t got it in Swisserlind….I’ll have to make it from scratch 😉

  4. I need an item in that darkest magenta color. I am thinking either a pullover or brushed speeds. Might have to make a trip to the store this weekend to figure that out 🙂

  5. I want a BB8 sippy cup! I also feel like I should re-watch that movie soon…

    this week was expensive for me, even though I already blew way too much on the crazy WMTM upload last week. BTW, my black grape face the frost 1/2 zip is already a new fave – love that it was on sale! I can’t wait to get the Rulu Warm It Up long sleeve with the cute little mock turtleneck, and my green &go City Trek Trousers (glad I waited for those to go on sale!). This week I got 3 things to try, but I’m going to have to return a couple of them – the pima CRB 2 in gray (woohoo for neutral layers I can wear to work), the As You Like bra (im digging the v in the front and the fun slidey straps, but those higher cup size bras don’t work for me sometimes), and the 1st mile half zip in military green. Given that I just got the black grape one from last year, that’s most likely going back but we will see… I’m loving these greens lately for some reason.

    Also… am I the only one who actually loves the CRB2? I find it super flattering…

    1. Having WMTM’d for 2 weeks in a row I had a STRICT no-buy mindset going into this week’s upload, even having a gift card in hand. If I still can’t stop thinking about a few things a week from now, then maybe I’ll part with the funds.

      The adorable BB-8, he’s from Amazon, I think. I’ll have to ask the friend who gifted it to me where she got it!

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