WMTM Alert – 7/14/16 *Updated*

lululemonWMTM Alert

Happy 6th birthday to my car! #irrelevance

Last Thursday was one of the most insane work days I’d had at home in a while. Give a presentation all morning, straight into studio tours in the afternoon, running home and packing and then getting in the car to drive 3 hours to a show after that. I was ON for 12 hours, and unfortunately WMTM Alert got the shaft.

So, here are some highlights that are new(ish) to me, and may be new(ish) to you… even though I’ll fully admit that some of you ladies out there are probably more in tune with inventory than I have been lately.

Forget new year’s resolutions, how about half year resolutions? Here’s mine: STOP BEING SUCH A BLOG SLACKER.

WMTM Alert! – 7/14/16

I KNEW I HIT ‘POST’ TOO SOON. The minute I get in the car to go to lunch and lulu updates. hdj;jdfadsjhgjfkdlsg. Items listed in this first section below are new today, the rest of it in black was what was kicking around this morning:

New(ish, at least to me) Items:

Still around and kicking… not a comprehensive list, just what’s somewhat worth buying:

10:43a, it’s a bit early for me to hit ‘post’, but who cares let’s start here. Will be back if WMTM refreshes again!


  1. The Run All Day Backpack in Neon Pink is also on sale for those who were interested in that item 🙂

  2. I’ve been eyeing the Run All Day Backpack and the neon pink just sucked me in. Would have preferred a heftier discount but I love neon pink so pulled the plug on that.

  3. I snagged the miss mosaic WU high waist. I’m pretty excited about it because it was hidden when I ordered it. I had to search for the item bc it wasn’t showing in the WMTM section. I’ve been lusting over it for several months. I’m glad there’s a place out here that I can express my Lululemon obsession. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Jenny! Unfortunately haven’t given this one a go yet. Were you thinking casual wear or working out? I tend to skip over the non-racerback styles when in the market for new threads to sweat it out in.

  4. i got the salute the sun tank in heathered light flare, the boom juice spring breakaway iis, the pink free spirit bag and the blurry belle groove shorts.

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