The Fitting Room: Sunaway Runaway LS


Did something rare last night… walked into lululemon with 2 shirts, left with 0. I had bought the Beat the Heat LS in tiger space dye black white a couple weeks ago, and since bringing it home I didn’t feel any ounce of excitement to try it on and start creating new outfits with it.

On Sunday, I not only took home the Sun Runner Crops, but I also caved on the blue Zen Bender LS. Royal blue is a retail achilles heel for me, if you couldn’t figure that out from my weekly 5 Faves posts. Pipe dream, harbor blue & lakeside blue have been running the table.

After buying my Seawheeze airfare to the tune of $1100+ last week and the whole “I’m an idiot and forgot to get paid for a month” thing, I was feeling poor, so was already on the fence about keeping the Zen Bender.

Then, the Sunaway Runaway LS uploaded in harbor blue. Commence internal bartering. If I return the ZB, then I can have the Sunaway Runaway. I can have one, but nobody needs 2 new royal blue shirts inside of 3 days.

So, out the door I went with 2 second thoughts in a signature red lulu shopper in hand. Return 2, buy 1. Still will end up -1 shirt. Math is great.

My local store only had boom juice in stock, so I’ll be ordering harbor blue. However, here are a few notes of my super quick try-on session:

The Fitting Room: Sunaway Runaway LS ($88)

I’d heard that this top ran a little small in the armpits, so that’s why I figured it would be best to run and try before buying. I usually take an 8 in tanks like the CRB and an 8 in short sleeves, but a 10 in long sleeves.

Sunaway Runaway LS: Size 8

As you can see, there’s a bit of tightness in the armpits. While my thumbs fit into the thumbholes in the sleeves, my arms were a bit too long and it pulled uncomfortably.

From the back, everything looked better than it felt. I think having that loose layer overlay on top helps to hide any potential back squish that some of us are self conscious of.

Sunaway Runaway LS: Size 10

Ahhhh… much better. Felt much better in the shoulder area. So it was a bit more flowy in the front, but not so much that you feel like you’re in a long-sleeved muumuu.

So you lose a little bit of the shape in the back with the larger size. If I could only have the torso of the 8 and the shoulders of the 10. Whomp whomp.

At the end of the day, comfort is the trump card for me, so I’ll be ordering the 10.

If you don’t lift, get your smaller size. If you have touched a barbell at all with any regularity in the last month or so, you’ll likely feel more comfortable sizing up.

Happy shopping!!

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  1. I really loved this top when I tried it on but decided to wait and see if it hits WMTM. I bought three of the short sleeve version because I’m a weirdo and won’t run outside in tank tops so the short sleeve version is amazeballs for running in the heat. And whoa, $1100 for airfare!? One upside of being out west, flying to Vancouver is much cheaper. Too bad I booked a ridiculously expensive hotel room and my friend who was supposed to run and split it with me backed out at the last minute. But at least I’m just minutes from the starting line!

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