#SeaKatyWheeze: T-27 Days


Look Mom, I created myself a hashtag! Things are about to get real (ok so maybe just slightly more earnest) in regards to Seawheeze. Airbnb, plane ticket and new running shoes are purchased, so now I have no choice but to make a concerted effort at the whole ‘running’ thing. Heads up, training diary-ish blog posts may begin to pop up over the next few weeks. πŸ™‚

It hit me like a pile of bricks this morning. Seawheeze is less than 4 weeks away. 3 weeks, 6 days until I plod through the streets of Vancouver wondering why the hell I ever agreed to run a SECOND half marathon.

FUN FACT: With how elusive a Seawheeze bib can be, I actually had to take a leap of faith that I wouldn’t f*cking hate running 13.1 miles. SW2016 is my 2nd half ever, and I had to register for it before having ever run my first half marathon back in October 2015.

So, I’ve been upping my mileage from about 4.5mi to 6mi in recent weeks, but the long runs need to happen. I’m talking the 9-11mi range, so I know where and how I exactly need to bandage my feet up in the name of blister prevention. Up to 5 miles I’m good, but after that I need some stretchy adhesive reinforcements. So far, my memory and bandaging strategy have been serving me well up to 7 miles.

I spent this weekend in upstate NY doing what I do best, going to see Dave Matthews Band for the umpteenth time while I drink beer, eat gummi bears and snack on goldfish crackers. In between, I recaptioned some art in the Albany Institute and found some hipster potato donuts in tiny little Troy, NY before coming back to the harsh reality that it was 90+ degrees outside and I had to RUN.

Today’s intended distance was 9mi. How far did I get? 6.75mi. Commendable by a casual exerciser’s standard, but a failure to reach my goal.

As it turns out, 90+ degrees and 4pm sunshine are no fun. I ran out of water a lot faster than I meant to, and shade was elusive. Dehydrated from a weekend of concerts and running a donut and a DQ Blizzard, I wasn’t going into this ‘run’ with a full deck.

Headed uphill early on in mile 5, I got the chills. I had already stopped to pace for about 2min during mile 4 to help get my body heat down before resuming my run.

I’m no medical professional, but I know enough to know THAT’S BAD.

Wasn’t really in the mood to collapse on the side of the road, and knew the water left in my bottle was NOT going to last another 4 miles. Thankfully, there was no dizziness or nausea to go with it said chills.

While I really wanted to prove to myself that I’m good to hit that 9-mile mark, at 30 years old I’ve learned to listen to my body. If something isn’t right, listen to your gut, people.

As I’ve said in previous blog posts, ‘not today’ does not equal never. So I didn’t have it in me today. That doesn’t mean I’m a total failure to launch.

A coconut water/gatorade smoothie later and a fresh week on the horizon, I’m ready to rock & roll and leave a sorry ole Sunday runday behind.


  1. So excited you’re going to Seawheeze!

    I got the chills running in Georgia heat the other day. It was just too damn hot. It passed though. I survived. I probably should have eaten before I ran.

  2. That was me last year and I finished Seawheeze with no issues, I believe in you! This year I’ve done a little better but that’s because I finally caved and started waking up early on Saturday mornings for my long runs. I just couldn’t hack the heat though I love sleeping until after 11am on the weekends. We’re going to rock this race!

    1. Ah, mornings… like white girls across the nation I just can’t even.

      Once upon a time (for a full year) I attempted to convince myself I was a 6am CrossFitter. Alas… 5:30p is my sweet spot! Thankful for these long summer nights that allow me enough time to train after work πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so excited for it. I’ve been training hard and took a tumble on Saturday. OUCH. I have lots of road rash and sore muscles! I’ve gone as far as 11.5 miles so I think I’m about as ready as I’m going to get. Now I just have to hope my passport gets here on time. If it makes you feel better, I’m over fifty, running in the southern heat and this will be my first race EVER. You got this! Let’s have a Courageous Blonde when we finish.

    1. Oh no, I hope you’re feeling better soon! Fingers crossed your passport makes it in time, this is such a great race for your first one! So much support and motivation, it’s a really great experience! Feel better and I hope you have a great time racing!

  4. I’m in the same boat as you Katy. I got up to about 8 miles and then gave myself a nice case of achilles tendonitis. 3 weeks off and it’s feeling better, but we will see after I do tonight’s 6 miler. I’m hoping to get up to about 11 the week before – so much for a taper! Two pieces of advice for everyone running the race – keep in mind that race markings are all in kilometers (no miles, damn you Canada) and also last year, the race was about 1km longer than it was supposed to be. Turns out they measured the course if you took the tightest, shortest route possible. So just keep that in mind. It’s going to be a blast though, I’m so excited! Also yes, let’s all meet up for Courageous Blonde beers at the sunset festival!!!

  5. So cool that you’re doing Seawheeze! It’s my big dream but I can’t ever seem to get registered for it, I think it sells out immediately? You’ll have to let us know your secret to getting a spot! I live in nebraska and it’s currently 101 degrees, and I’ve been trying to intensely train for a 10k I have in Sept. I’ve done a few 10k’s before but I really want to RUN this one as opposed to jog/walk intervals as I’ve done the others. Anyway, I’ve had the chills a few times during my longer runs..I think it’s the humidity? All the moisture on the skin cools WAY too much and suddenly I’m freezing.

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