5 Faves & a Dud: Just a Spritz(er)

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Oh no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. I just did a thing. I just did a thing that made me feel OLD. You know how there’s a meme going around lately calling the ‘do made infamous by Kate Gosselin the official “Can I speak with your manager” haircut?


Well I just did something along those lines. I took a pineapple strawberry LaCroix, and had one glass worth left of chardonnay in a bottle that’s been eating up space on the fridge door for a while. I MIXED THEM TOGETHER INTO A WINE SPRITZER. Even worse, I’m about 4 sips in and I’m LIKING IT.

What the hell is my life coming to? Embracing my 30’s. At least people still think I’m in my 20’s, even though I act like I’m in my 40’s when home alone on a Tuesday evening. I mean, I have a beer pong table and ping pong balls in the trunk of my car right now, and I’m getting amped up for a 2-night stand of DMB this weekend. I guess you could call it a wash.

5 Faves & a Dud: 7/12/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Pant (Hi-Rise) Dottie Tribe ($128) in dottie tribe high times white black

The amount of dottie tribe white black in this week’s upload is pretty aggressive. At a quick first glance I thought it was more palm party banana leaf pencil sketch whatever the hell you wanna call it from last year, but alas it’s somewhat sharp. Looks like an adult coloring book. As a matter of fact, grab yourself some laundry proof markers and make these pants one of a kind! That’s actually not a half bad idea.

Favorite #2: Sun Runner Crop ($88) in black

With the mesh panel on the side, I initially turned my nose relatively upwards towards these crops. Then, over the weekend I tried on the Run With the Sun Tight in a coal/cyber stripe color scheme. I liked the lineup of all the angles on the leg, but the whole ‘pants’ factor killed the “I gotta train for Seawheeze in July” vibe. Figured I’d toss the ball into the ed’s corner and ask if there was a cropped version of them hanging around, and she brought me the Sun Runner Crop in a similar space dye pattern.

With the intention of giving lulu run crops one last try before I stick it to the world and run SW2016 in antiquated UA Shatter Capris, I actually really liked how these fit! Nice lines along the side, and the shorter leg was perfect on a taller girl like me. They hit just below my knee, so no bunching and hitting an awkward calf length. While they don’t match up to UA in the compression factor, I have to say that I’m very happy with my purchase. Given that the colourway I got is no longer available online, I’m going to recommend basic black.

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback ($42) in clear mint

Another CRB on the comeback trail! Not realizing that pistachio would be upon the horizon a couple months later, last year I snapped up the clear mint CRB out of a sheer love for lime green. I honestly wear the clear mint more than I do pistachio. In fact, I wore it to work today layered under a greener Under Armour (gasp!) tee and some cuffed jeans. I like warehouse days. #CASUALTUESDAY

Favorite #4: Run: Stuff Your Bra III ($58) in harbor blue

After all that whining I did on heylululemon.com (RIP) to bring back the RSYB instead of the Rack Pack, I still haven’t bought a RYSB. That may change real soon.

Favorite #5: Sunaway Runaway LS ($88) in harbor blue

Made a pitstop at a not-so-local to me lulu on the way home from a business trip this past weekend. Ended up coming away with not only the Sun Runner Crops (which I’ve worn, washed again and worn for the 2nd time in 3 days… actually wearing them right now), and the Zen Bender LS. Totally returning the Zen Bender in favor of this LS instead. I LOVE the boom juice Sunaway Runaway SS I got last month, and have no reason to believe I won’t love this top all the same.

The Dud: Hotty Hot Short ($58) in grapefruit

Ex-squeeze me (juice pun intended) if these dropped last week. Sometimes you just don’t know with the secondary color when it comes to items you don’t particularly fancy. While I do enjoy the grapefruit color, you’ve got to have the nicest and most tan legs in the world to make these shorts look good. I have neither.

Side note: the model used in the dottie tribe stock photos has quad game, and I think that she looks AWESOME. YAY to lulu’s styling team for finally acknowledging that not all their customers are built like pencils!

Hey what huh there’s more?

Dude, one of my friends just texted me an emoji of a soft serve cone. Now I want Dairy Queen. This is why I’m not skinny. I’m going to go eat a lime fruit pop and pretend it’s a Reese’s Pieces blizzard.

Who’s buying what this week?


  1. I got the Dottie Tribe Pace Rivals. I love the print on the WUPs, but I don’t love the price tag. Plus, I’m running a lot more than I’m yogaing these days, so they were the right choice. The only thing I don’t like about them is the print should be called Dot Tribe or Tribal Dot. Much cooler.

    1. I’d say it’s more neon yellow-green vs neon green for zippy. It’s def one of my fave colors from lulu

      1. Thanks! I’m finding so many of their colors have such subtle differences, it’s hard to tell them apart in online images!

  2. I have the Sun Runner crops in the same color as you and also LOVE them. They’re all I want to wear lately. Also have the Run in the Sun and black and love those too and get tons of compliments.

  3. I wish they would have made the print consistent between the pace rivals and the wunder unders for the dottie tribe- but I guess then they couldn’t have charged so much for the WUP. I ordered both, because I couldn’t decide and I figured it might be easier to decide once I saw them in person. In reality I’m just trying to tell myself I don’t need the pants that are $40 more than the pace rivals. I also got the dottie tribe festival bag and the clear mint bra because I REALLY love this week’s upload.

    1. As the pretty plume High Times from last year still sit in my closet with the tags on b/c they’re too beautiful to wear, I had to talk myself out of the WUPs. They’re gorgeous, but I’m a mud magnet!

  4. I have both the sunaway runaway in the SS and LS. They are such great pieces. I sized down for the LS because the back opening makes it looser.

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