5 Faves & a Dud: Lulu Does Chicago

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Life gets expensive. Life gets expensive when everywhere fun requires a plane ticket to get to and you do dumb sh*t like forget to enter your time at work for a full pay period and go a month without a paycheck due to your own idiocy. Moral of the story? Pay attention to the calendar. You never know when you’re accidentally going to (temporarily, thanfully) short yourself a pile of Benjamins.

My latest adventure led me to Chicago this weekend for a college friend’s wedding. She was beautiful, as was the reception on Lake Michigan with a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline.

Aaaaand what do you think I wore? Lululemon. Gah, that dress is the bee’s knees. It’s still comfortable for working up a sweat on the dance floor, and POCKETS! Because the first rule of any dress with pockets is “OMG, IT HAS POCKETS!”

Given my opening spiel, I knew before upload even happened this week that I wasn’t going to buy anything new this week. Given that I’m looking in my closet at items I just had to have last summer and have hardly worn, I’m going run upstairs and treat them like they’re new instead. 😛

Who says lululemon is only for the gym? Also worn but not visible: Groove Shorts!

Those of you with presto ca$ho to burn, check out the full upload here and my latest favorites below!

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/5/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short ($54) in paint storm harbor blue multi/black

Maybe it’s the Syracuse alum in me, but the blue & orange made me go OOOOOH!!! out loud at the gym when I saw them for the first time. It’s almost like someone bought me an ice cream cone or something.

Favorite #2: Getaway Romper ($128) in black

On the tail end of my getting the confidence enough to rock an Ann Taylor Loft romper to the bar last weekend with some of the gym crew, I’m now a fan. Terrible timing for a self-imposed “no new lulu until Seawheeze” ban.

Favorite #3: Zen Bender LS ($78) in harbor blue

Tie-back LS and it’s harbor blue. If you know me, you probably already called it that this one would be on this week’s list from 82.7 miles away.

Favorite #4: Sunshine Salutation Bra ($58) in grapefruit

I just recently found a very similar (yet non-sportsy) bra at Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sale. Long line, interesting back, fun color. Flattering, for sure. Just don’t be doing double unders in this one. Bras with thin strings for the back generally do not hold up well to the bounce test, and I don’t expect this bra to be any different.

Favorite #5: All Sport Bra III ($58) in hyper stripe clear mint white/clear mint

After all that hullabaloo about the pistachio CRB last spring, I think I actually wear my clear mint one more. Go figure. The stripes make it fun, without being such a contrast that you’d look silly for throwing a white tee over this one.

I can’t help but wonder if these were found on a shelf in the back of the warehouse and were meant to be released with all the other clear mint stuff in the spring of 2015, or if clear mint is about to stage a comeback much as grapefruit and boom juice have?

The Dud: Breeze Easy Wrap ($128) in heathered cool cocoa/heathered cashew

If you’re really hell-bent on spending $128, spend it on the onesie. Or 128 Frosties from Wendy’s. I won’t judge you.


  1. Girl, you are rocking that dress! Gorgeous!

    For a reason similar to why you like those speeds, I do not like those speeds. All I can see are gator colors, and I am sooo not a UF fan. I will be passing on those for sure 🙂

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