Updated: WMTM Alert! – 6/30/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Here’s my monthly comment of “it’s (insert name of next month here) tomrrow. ew”

July. WHUT. But I get to see my college roomies this weekend! Win.

85 items so early this morning… hmmm. Last week kept me away from a laptop so I wasn’t able to really pick through things with the usual scrutiny. I’m starting this post with what I see right now. If the count jumps even higher I’ll be back to update around lunch time!

Because my lists here aren’t always 100% inclusive of WMTM listings (and let’s face it, sometimes things just slip through my mental cracks), be sure to check it all out here to see what you and I both may have missed in previous uploads.

WMTM Alert! – 6/30/16



MOAR STUFF as of lunch time on the east coast…

Swim Stuff! Lots of swim stuff! Snag it while it’s actually the time of year to swim & stuff!


  1. Huh, by 11am, down to 75 items. Either folks are quick on the draw or LLL is doing the ole’ switch on WMTM, as per usual 😜

  2. There were 85 items but they went down to 77 and now there are over 90! I snagged the space dye camo fireside red CRB, it wasn’t there earlier. This just put the number of CRBs I own in the double digit range. *hides*

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