5 Faves & a Dud: Sprinkles, Shots or Jimmies?

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

All the while June is flying by, this week seems to have molasses poured all over it. Snail of a week, and it’s only Tuesday. Clouds abound this morning, which actually resulted in a nice drizzle to temper my post-work 5mi run this evening. Back to my original train of thought: I put rainbow sprinkles on my breakfast this morning and DGAF. It’s a wonderful thing, being an ‘adult’. Heheheheh. (Yes, I ate carbs before 3pm. Deal with it.)


I need you all to weigh in on something. A couple of nights ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who lives out west and my whole theory of how rainbow sprinkles make the world go ’round came up. I then digressed and mentioned having called them ‘shots’ when younger, and how ‘jimmies’ is a common term for them here in the northeast. He thought I was nuts for the jimmies/shots thing. No one’s ever asked for chocolate shots on a dish of ice cream before?

Can ANYONE out in the blogosphere back me up on this, or am I in the extreme minority?

Weigh in with your two cents in the comments section below. If you don’t care about my frozen confectionary accoutrements, check out all of this week’s new lulu. I actually had an initial top 9 that had to be pared down to 5! No spending, though. Priced out Seawheeze airfare this weekend. Wallet crying. Amex melting. Bought the Beat the Heat LS this weekend already.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/28/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Play all Day Sock ($12) in pink shell/pipe dream blue/harbor blue

3 words: Sock game strong. 3 more words: My LaCroix’s gone. 🙁

Favorite #2: Rise and Run Bra ($52) in neon pink

Even though it’s got ‘run’ in its name, I have my doubts on how supportive this bra is. I could end up mistaken. Someone let me know! In the meantime, I’m using absolutely visual and 0% practical reasoning on this one. I know it’s very Barbie doll of me, but I am absolutely loving on this neon pink lately, much like I loved on Lisa Frank folders and pencils when I was in the 4th grade.

Favorite #3: Beat the Heat Tank ($68) in harbor blue

I never liked the No Limits Tank, because those skinny straps were not supportive. The Nouveau Limits Tank took it a bit far to the other side of the spectrum and gave the tank thicker straps, but it was more of a traditional neckline, as opposed to a racerback.

This time, lulu gets it right with the Beat the Heat tank. It’s less baggy than the Wild Tank (I think that’s what deterred a lot of ladies from doing CrossFit in it), and adds a 3rd strap as a play on everyone’s favorite Energy Bra. If I weren’t already wearing the harbor blue Trinity Tank as I type this, then I may have been tempted to give this one a go.

PLUS, it’s even got the fun pockets in front like a Run Stuff Your Bra. So much winning.

Favorite #4: Sunshine Salutation Tank ($58) in black

It’s hot out, and lately I’ve been all about the thick lulu mesh. This tank almost strikes me as a racerback version of the Sculpt Tank in the front. Full mesh in the back, but it’s cool breathable mesh, not slutty stripper mesh. A flattering, yet roomy, cut.

Favorite #5: Beat the Heat Tight ($98) in black

See notes about the thick lulu mesh. Also, high waist. Katy likey. Katy almost spilled an entire bag of Chex Mix onto the couch just now. Whoops.

The Dud: Jet Crop Slim ($98) in wee are from space nimbus battleship

Hey look! Grandpa Joe got to include one of his old favorites from high school gym class in this week’s upload! Hooray!

What Else is Going On, Eh?

  • This is pretty big news for Swiftly lovers. The LS and SS got the solid black treatment, and now the Swiftly Tech Racerback comes in all black too!
  • New Cool Racerbacks this week! Neon pink/hero blue stripe, pink shell. Maybe I should lock down a fatigue green one for fall.
  • Speaking of fatigue green, grab those Align Pant IIs to layer under dresses when it (eventually) gets cold outside.
  • The Hotty Hot Short (and its long counterpart) both dropped in hero blue this week.
  • More Energy Bras! Both the nami wave white black and mini ripple boom juice multi narrowly missed the top 5.
  • Lulu’s recognizing the need for packing random sh*t in your bra when you go running, because not all crops were created equally with pocket space! I like the functionality and the new vibe the Pack It In Bra has going on in the back.
  • If the flash light straps weren’t quite your thing, the latest Free to Be Wild Bra comes in space dye camo seal grey deep coal/grapefruit.
  • Haven’t seen many Ebb to Street Tanks lately, but here a few are. I like the subtle blue stripes.
  • The Cruiser Tank had so much potential until I saw how far the slits up the sides went! Waaah :'(
  • The Salute the Sun Tank seems to be gaining some traction this year. 11 colors now in rotation!
  • Tiger space dye black white is getting some ACTION and I can’t complain about it, seeing that I bought a tiger space dye black white LS this weekend.
  • If, like me, you can’t get enough of harbor blue, have yourself a Define Jacket!
  • The Beat the Heat Short are kind of like the Hotty Hot Short, but just without the reflective stripe on the side? I think? Head scratching ensues.
  • Oh hey, Inspire Tight II, hero blue looks good on you. It also looks good on…
  • If black or green didn’t quite tickle your fancy, the Urbanite Backpack dropped in soot light this week. I am liking mine so far. (Gahhh I still owe you all a review while it’s relevant!)

Back to the real question on hand. Sprinkles, shots or jimmies? I’m expecting many of you to say sprinkles, some to say jimmies, and for everyone to tell me they have no idea where the hell I got ‘shots’ from. 😛


  1. I’m from NH and I remember using jimmies, though I also used sprinkles. Such is the influence of having one parent from the NYC area and one parent from NH. My vocab is majorly screwed in influences. I do not remember using shots to refer to them at all, so maybe that is something that was more specific to where you grew up?

    Jimmies I KNOW is a Mass thing. Though according to Snopes it may or may not have racial connotations.


  2. Reporting in from LA, hate to let you down but I’ve never heard sprinkles called anything other than sprinkles!

    1. And jimmies are not the same as sprinkles. Sprinkles are what you’ve shown above, but jimmies are those slightly softer, elongated, cylindrical tiny candy toppers that come in chocolate and various colors. Granted, my 8 year old calls them all sprinkles and asks for colorful and chocolate sprinkles on his ice cream all the time…

  3. From NY (Rochester and also 2 hours southeast) and we only say sprinkles!

    Btw the beat the heat short differs in that there’s no liner, the waistband is continuous, and the zipper pocket is on the front. Otherwise basically the same short in appearance (the reflective strip is also turned horizontally in these).

    I wanna marry the beat the heat top and just give me everything hero blue and fatigue honestly. My budget says no though!

  4. I’m from Chicago and we called the longer sprinkles “shots”. We called the colored granulated sugar-esque ones and the nonpareil ones you have in the picture “sprinkles”. 🙂

  5. Sprinkles in Pittsburgh. Jimmies were hotdog shaped and softer.

    I bought the top two on your list and tried on #3 in the store. The only thing I’m keeping is the socks. The bra fit really weird and set loose the back boob. I’ll stick with the Rack Pack and the Run Stuff. The tank fit nicely TTS but it wasn’t long enough for me.

  6. My parents are from the Bronx, NY, and when I was small I called them sprinkles. But the kids in my Connecticut neighborhood all called them shots, so I switched over. I think shots is strictly a CT thing. I know my cousins in Boston called them jimmies.

    Are you from CT?

  7. Grew up in Michigan in the early 60s. Shots for me! Now I live in Vermont and I feel the need to bring it back. So I’ll start educating my local ice cream places!

  8. From Connecticut….shots.
    Now in Jersey, jimmies are chocolate shots and sprinkles are rainbow colored😊

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