Welp, I went to go check WWL this week and got redirected to Hey there twitter machine, what say you?

Buh bye, internet soap box. =/


  1. I think they purposely killed it at the time of the new website launch so they wouldn’t be inundated with complaints.

  2. To be honest, heylulu had turned into a clique of gals who used the site to communicate, random people who put their reviews there instead of on the product website, people who thought their ideas were genius and pitched them with flair, and spam. It was actually kinda annoying to go there anymore! I would when I had time to kill, and never read anything truly very interesting. WWL was the only thing on that site worth it! I’m glad that it seems the gals found another way to communicate together, other than that, I just don’t think it is much of a loss. I also think they purposely did it when they were launching the new website, although I don’t know if it’s so they don’t have to see people whine, or if it was just part of a big, get it over all at once, overhaul.

    1. I am happy to hear the cliquish idea wasn’t just in my head!

      There were some users I’d see in the comments all the time who gave off the vibe that they were out to prove they knew more about lulu than the lulu staff did themselves.

      I’ll miss WWL, but maybe it will spur more excitement on Tuesday nights again. Time to embrace the element of surprise! 🙂

      1. Whew. Thank you for saying what I was thinking. I was verbally pummeled by the I-know-lulu-more-than-u-crüe more than once. They are actually the reason I started coming here though, so it’s not all bad. There was a part of me that was happy to see the site go away, in a revernge-karma sort of way.

      2. I think killing heylululemon was a mistake. As far as the clique idea goes, I think this is a mischaracterization. I never felt that kind of vibe when visiting. It was very positive and welcoming environment, in fact.

      3. For the most part, I thought it was a productive place until the spam for out of control. However, wasn’t a fan of how the comments on WWL started to take on the vibe of treating poor Katelin as a personal shopping service. Lulu gave us sneak peeks, but bombarding the poor girl with asking about timelines on specific colors and styles started to get a little out of control, IMHO

  3. I was also happy to see heylululemon go. Just like you, guys, I was not able to come up with any new ideas (I honestly tried real hard, but not built that way and then my head was hurting and hurting), There was nothing for me to learn from the gals who said they have been with lululemon longer than most people who work for lulu now. Of course, these people must’ve spent a fortune with lulu to be able to try all these different fabrics and styles. I wonder how they did it? Where do they get the money? Not everyone is able to afford to go to university and have a well-paid job.. Some people are just like us, lucky to finish high school and get some job. Most of the times I wasn’t even able to understand what they really meant there. I am so happy here though, among friends. I really need this site to explain to me what really is being uploaded or should I say downloaded?

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