5 Faves & a Hold the Phone

5 Faves & a DudMiscellany

Business trip. Happy coincidence. DMB is my favorite band, and I happened to launch Songkick this morning to see that they were playing tonight a whopping 20min down the road from where I’m staying on business. I’ll fill y’all in on the Lululemon tomorrow. I’ve got songs to listen to and live music to jam out with. 

I can say y’all because I’m in Alabama right now. Look at me all blending in with the locals. 


  1. So two things made me laugh… blending in with the locals and no one is there except some random guy playing on his phone… also that your ticket says no cameras or videos, and you clearly are using your camera. HA! Just funny observations that made me laugh. Have fun, Lulu will be there tomorrow! I love Dave Matthews!

    1. I swear, there were people behind me! I scoped the venue as soon as the gates opened (going alone kills the tailgate mojo real fast), so I had some time to wander 🙂

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