WMTM Alert – 5/19/16 (SPEED SHORTS!)

lululemonWMTM Alert

I did not give May permission to go by this quickly. Father Time, you renegade.

[Check out the full WMTM selection here]

Looks to be about 15-20 new items this week, including:

GAH I was too slow on the kayak blue Speeds. Doh!


  1. I love love love the 5 mile LS so I grabbed the boom juice and the minty color whose specific name escapes me. That makes more in my collection than is responsible but they are so great!

    I also may have grabbed the stripey pace rivals. I do so love side pockets.

    1. Still haven’t come around to the 5 Mile LS.

      In other news, I wore those Seawheeze crops out to run on Wednesday and thought of you! 😀

  2. I got another 5 mile LS, too. Love that shirt. Perfect for running in LA where swiftlies are too hot. $78 did feel a bit steep when I bought my first two! Love the new price. I really wanted those twisted dune pace rivals but I don’t have a lot of light flare and worry about matching.

    1. I live in the LA area too and totally agree about the 5 mile LS being great for our climate. I wear it sometimes even when it’s a little warmer because it’s thin enough to not be too hot but protects me from the sun.

      I figured I could wear dark blue or black tops with the pace rivals. But you’re right that it’s a hard pattern to match. I was was sucked in by those side pockets!

      1. I totally wear the 5 mile LS with shorts on sunny warmer days and think it is breathable and works well. Dark blue is a good idea and probably any boom juice, too, would match well. Ah well. Next time. I need a new pace rival in a print that I can dig.

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