NYC Flagship Haul


As some of you inferred from that ONESIE photo I shared earlier this week, I’ve been to the lululemon NYC flagship store within the last 7 days. It’s just so big and shiny and nice!

When I was there last in December, they carried the SE reflective run line released on Black Friday, which was only shipped to a limited amount of stores. My local store maaaybe gets 50% of new releases, so it’s hit or miss. When something new and exceptionally flattering/versatile drops, a total online sellout within 24 hours or less is a common occurrence.

This happened last week with the Rio Nights Speed Shorts, earlier this year with the inkwell Align Pant, all of the recently-released Tranquil Tights and the Beat the Sleet Pant II, which I was notably annoyed with myself for missing out on for months.

I held high hopes for NYC, and the flagship did not disappoint.

Did they have the rio nights Speeds? YES! Did they have them in my size? No. Whomp whomp. I like a 10 in Speeds, and they had an 8. I tried them on, and while they weren’t mega tight, there wasn’t enough wiggle room for me to be ok with wearing them in public without dropping 10lbs first. Hell’s freezing over before I drop that much weight because of some shorts. Oh well.


Moving on. I know I said in the 3/22 5 Faves & a Dud that I didn’t need to be spending $88 to look cute for no one in the form of the If You’re Lucky Long Sleeve II. Welp, I took it into the fitting room. I’m fully aware of that being a rookie move, but I did it anyway. It’s pretty and flattering and I like it and I’ve already worn it 3x in the past 5 days since buying it. When it’s unexpectedly 80 degrees in the city on a Friday afternoon, this top and Align Pants got paired with ballet flats and called the most comfy happy hour outfit ever.

Although I didn’t end up with the rio nights Speeds, I ended up coming home with two other items I had no intention of spending money on that night. After disappearing into the cyberspace abyss, I surely thought my window of opportunity on both had been long closed.

First up, the Tranquil Tight! One of my coworkers love l.o.v.e. LOVES them, and couldn’t stop raving about the pairs she’d scored. I thought of giving them a try, but again I was a few days too late to the party and missed out both online and locally. Did the flagship have them? YES. In more than one color? YES. In my size? YES. Did I buy a pair? YES. I opted for the rio mist, so that the curved seam details and mesh cutouts would be more noticeable.

After coming out of the fitting room, I took one last pass by the pant wall. Thank cheese that I did.

I found them. I freaking found them.

They first showed up on February 9th.

They quickly sold out by February 10th.

I’ve been kicking my sorry self in the rear end for 7 weeks, wishing that I’d actually MADE the impulse buy.

The only hope I had was that lulu would consider restocking 6-12 months from now.

But then, there they were.

I got them.

There was no way I was leaving the store without these in tow.

I found a pair of INKWELL ALIGN PANTS.

*happy dances 30+ blocks all the way back to the hotel*

FUN FACT: A lululemon lab recently opened in NYC. With its proximity, the NYC flagship store had a good amount of lululemon lab designs in stock. Unfortunately the timeline was pretty tight, so there wasn’t any time to try any of the lab pieces on. But now I know they’re there. Next time I’m down in the city, I’ll make it a point to give these edgier pieces a try.


  1. Nice! It’s so great when you stumble on pieces lIke that! I scored two 5 mile LS tops on MD at the Santa Monica flagship and I was stoked. That watch hole gets mad usage when I run so I’ve come to love these silly shirts.

    1. Having bought an Apple watch in the last month, that’s the one gripe I have when I wear my trusty Swiftlies. Gaaah you shirt with watch hole, Y U NO come in different fabric?

  2. Curious about your sizing opinion on If You’re Lucky. It looks great on you, but I can’t see much detail because it’s dark. I ordered it based on your earlier post (2/3 of my children don’t notice if I try to look cute, husband might/might not), but my smaller top size is still roomy under the arms. Did you size down?

    You would be super fun to go shopping with! I love all of your reviews! Keep them coming!

    Inkwell aligns – YAY!

    1. Hi Amy! I went with an 8 on the If You’re Lucky LS II, which is both my CRB size and what size the lulu fitting chart says I should wear. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. ahhhh so happy for you! as soon as I saw them online, i knew they had to be mine too!!! the tranquil tights in that print ROCKS!

    1. Yes, it is! Thanks! I have to do some returns anyway, so I waited to rip the tags on mine until I can try my down size, 6, just to compare. I keep thinking a light color would be nice for summer, too. . .

  4. Yay for Inkwell Align Pants!! 🙂
    What will you wear with them? I’m having trouble with which colour tops go well with them! (Other than white of course!)

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