Fitting Room Outtakes: Purr-Suit Onesie


What the hell. Here are ALL THE PHOTOS of my field trip to the fitting room with the lululemon Purr-Suit Onesie in hand. I still can’t believe this thing ever went into production. In other news, I now know how to make my ass look like Kim K’s, as if it weren’t already big enough on its own.

Without further ado…

Purr-Suit Onesie ($128) in posey black white


  1. You are too funny! I had an exhausting day and this was just the laugh I needed!!
    That seam is horrible, among other things!! It makes you wonder what goes on in the R & D meetings there. Maybe they drink and approve designs??

  2. I really LOVE that print, but not sure if it makes that suit better or worse. I finally broke down and got the high times posey print pants. They are fullux, which I know some people aren’t a fan of, but I think they look amazing on so I had to keep them.

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