5 Faves & a Dud: 3/29/16 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

  I’m a little distracted. As most of you gumshoes have figured out by now, the day job puts me in random geographical locations sometimes. This week, the Big Apple! Aka… 5th AVENUE FLAGSHIP STORE.

I scanned through the app upload real quick and then hoofed it 30 blocks (yes, 30… And NO I didn’t feel like taking a cab) to the NYC store to see what new goodies they already had out, and which items which had already sold out online I would strike gold and find. I got there a little after 7 and they close at 8, so it was a bit of a rushed visit.

Now that I’m in the process of wining and dining myself at the schwank (aka typical NYC) hotel restaurant, let’s get down to business as usual. Also… 3 wonton chips for an entire pile of tuna tartare the size of my fist? Weak.

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/29/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short H2O ($68) in twisted dune harbor blue/black

  The water friendly version of everyone’s favorite shorts, these take a spot in the top five thanks to the color and flattering angled stripes in the back. Lulu had them in stock when I was there. Did I take a moment to feel the fabric to see how they differ from usual Speed Shorts? Of course not. That would have been the smart thing to do. Blondie playing with less than a full deck again.

Favorite #2: Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise ($88) in cyber jungle hero blue

  If the store had them today, I would have bought these without a doubt. Love love love the colors and again, the slimming effect of the cyber stripes, with the assist from the high rise for all of your muffin top eliminating yoga pant needs.

Favorite #3: High Times Pant ($98) in deep zinfandel

  The sucker for purple pants, it’s meeeeee!

Favorite #4: &Go Endeavor Dress ($128) in black

  I actually got to try this one on tonight! It’s a thin stretchy fabric, much like the Water Bound Hoodie. Definitely meant for hot weather. I tried on an 8, given that’s what I take on the &Go Where To Dress. This one is tighter than and shorter than the others. COMFY as anything, though. With its shorter hem, I know that will make many ladies happy, but it shortens it up just enough to cause a potentially embarrassing situation for me if I ever dropped my pencil at work.

Favorite #5: Energy Bra *Exhale ($58) in black

  I’m happy to see that some of the jazzy special edition designs are coming back around for a regular run in core colors, like this bra. So what if I’m repeating myself with a piece that originally debuted in December, this bra is a total win. Happy medium between the loose & thin strapped Move It Bra and the ‘whoa baby this is tight’ Strap it Like It’s Hot Bra.

The Dud: Stride to Tide Short ($64) in miss mosaic black/black

  …and the dishonor of the week is a tie score. Dishonor #1A goes to the poorly balanced table I’m currently sitting at. Stop it, table. You’re making my wine wobble. 1B is the Stride to Tide Shorts. They’re kind of sort of okay in the solid colors available, but the lighter print just looks like boyshort underwear layered over longer spandex shorts. I like to call this look THE QUAILMAN.


  1. that dress in red grape – WANT! 🙂 so pretty!

    i am also seriously considering the wunder unders. i rarely, if at all, buy bottoms at full price but THIS ONE! THIS ONE!

  2. Those high times are definitely mine – fun color and burpee friendly! I also grabbed the WUC *Exhale in the gray stripey pattern; I keep finding myself grabbing my fun neutral printed bottoms, and these look super cute with the perforations and all. Last week was sale tops, this week full price bottoms! WOOHOO. Also, thank you for trying on the onesie – I keep seeing them on Carbon38 too and just LOL every time!

  3. Hi! Hope you are enjoying NYC! I live here..too bad I didn’t bump into ya…you’d prob want privacy anyway from a lulu addict anyway..lol!
    Did you happen to check out the new NYC Noho Lulu lab? I haven’t yet. Prices are high!

    1. Hi hi! I haven’t checked out the lab yet, but they had a few racks of lab designs at the flagship store. I would have loved to hang around and try some of it on if it weren’t for that whole ‘the store’s about to close’ timeline I was on. Honestly, if you ran into me randomly shopping that would have been awesome and not annoying. Love meeting people who read my blog! 🙂

  4. Awww…it’d be fun to meet ya…we would have had a pursuit onsie party, lol! BTW, you sport & rock that onsie very well despite the shortcomings of the onsie itself. U ‘d rock a potato sak outfit!
    Thanks for your amazing blog & work! You make us laugh! I am sure you could find the Rio speed shorts by having your store or GEC do an inventory query, nice haul!
    I bought 2 rio speeds for sizing (size 6 & 8), returned one to the store (not in NYC, but suburbia) who promptly marked it down since it was the only one Rio pattern short left……….ugghhhhhhhhhh.. felt cheated & like I was so stupid to have paid it full price; but good for the person who winds up with it.
    NYC is rainy & chilly thjs week once u left!

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