WMTM Alert! 3/17/16

Whoever gave me germs, take them back. All I want to do is sleep. Happy St. Patrick’s Day… forget Erin Go Bragh, how about Katy Go Nap.

At this point, I don’t need to tell you what Thursday means… check it all out here 🙂

Whoa lulu are you trying to render me useless? This week’s WMTM now features a ‘newly added’ section. I mean yay, but WTF all at the same time. Now I may need a new gimmick 😛

WMTM Alert – 3/17/16

  • The Anahatasana LS is now $49
  • The Studio Racerback could be officially dead in the water. Black, white & heathered slate are marked down.
  • Those of you who lobbied for the Gather & Grow Crop to return, you lobbied too hard and bought too little… or lulu did indeed make too much 🙂
  • Nothing like seeing something you paid full price for show up on MD. The Cool Racerback in pink lemonade #whompwhomp
  • Lots of options in the Swiftly Tech Racerback!
  • I never understood the prickly pear Love Tee. Neither did anyone else.
  • Someone found a crate of Satnam Tanks on the shelf in the back of the warehouse…
  • Closet saturation of the Free to Be Wild Bra has pretty much been reached across America.
  • Advertising the heathered speckled black Scuba Hoodie III on markdown is a lie. It sold out in the US in 3 days back in January. You click through and the truth is told, only fleur sombre white black/white/black and static mist white black/black are available.
  • I would love a pair of the Groove Short II *Rolldown… if they weren’t raspberry.
  • The assortment of WUPs and WUCs are generally in sizes 4-6.
  • The Thanksgiving-ish special edition pigment wind berry rumble multi/black Speed Shorts are avail in all sizes except 8. Does this mean I smell a markdown of those $300 reflective Pace Tight *Lights Out soon? A girl can hope.
  • Vinyasa Scarves down to $29! Your choices are sailor stripe hero blue alarming or tonka stripe red grape minty pink

Again, my commentary isn’t a be all end all of what’s available right now – head on over to lulu’s site and check it all out! Oh look, it’s time for another round of Zicam.


  1. The shiny shiny pace tights made it to WMTM in Australia and were on there for a few weeks. I think the price was about 40% off? Sadly we never got the reflective shorts. Because full-length tights are much more practical during an Australian summer…


  2. in defense of the prickly pear love t: its a southwestern thang. and prickly pear prints were actually a TREND last yr. who knew? i was shocked that it has both been sold out in several sizes and remained at full price for a LOOOONG time. but i will admit to having purchased one this morning when it when on MD 😉 i’m missing Texas. and hating my home town of NYC where have just moved back to. i would say “don’t judge me” but know better as NYC, Texas & prickly pear cactus t-shirt all in one sentence is asking for it 😛


  3. Lulu can’t replace you! Your commentary is an enjoyable value add! Finally wore my blue Anahatasana LS yesterday and boom – there it is marked down today. #whompwhomp Feel better soon!


      • I’m small-chested, but bigger in the waist and hips. My larger of usual 2 sizes (my scuba size, fitted top size) is best for me, since it’s really thin and I didn’t want it clingy around the middle. I think the fit is similar to the top last year with the scoop neck and vertical seams all around. Hope this makes sense and helps!


  4. I have the prickly pear weekend LS and I wore it a lot last summer. I would have grabbed the Love if it weren’t for that. It reminds me of my home in So Cal. I live on the east coast now, so I’m a prickly pear defender too :p GET BETTER!


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