What We Love: Haagen Dazs & New Threads

What We Love

Call me a coffee snob, because I’m back on that WWL grind!

Did I really just make that joke? Yup. Let’s blame 16.4 for scrambling my brain and my perception of what’s funny. I’m chowing down on some Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream right now. Coincidence? I think not.


WWL is a short one this week, but those who write glass blogs can’t throw stones, given that this is the first WWL post I’ve written since, oh…. January. Heh.

WWL1 copy

Lululemon, what have you got up your pretty little sleeve for us this week?WWL1The new Precision Jacket looks to be a riff on the popular Define Jacket, with a dash of offset zipper a la Bhakti Yoga Jacket. Tall women beware, you can already tell by the photos that this jacket looks shorter in the front than it is in the back. As for the cyber jungle hero blue color scheme? Yes please. 🙂

WWL2 copy

52 weeks later, the If You’re Lucky LS II is back for another round. I swear, I only remember this because I was feeling bad for myself and bought myself the If You’re Lucky Tank the week 15.5 was announced. I hoped that a new tank would give me a little extra mojo on the thrusters and rower. I did that WOD 3 times, with results that didn’t vary all that much. At least I got a new top out of it, which I should really wear more often. Doh.

Below are photos of the 2015 If You’re Lucky LS for comparison’s sake.

The only thing I can pick out is that this year’s may be slightly shorter in length, with the omega placed in the center on the top of the back. What else am I missing?


Lovers of the mesh cutout, squint and stare at the screen closely to catch the pattern on your subtle new option. I’ve never been much of a fan of the mini coast camos, but these aren’t too obvious. Luxtreme in the front, Fullux in the back. These crops aren’t for me.


Part of me wants to envision myself stylishly wearing this in a white bikini poolside in Miami with an umbrella drink in my hand. The other part of me wants to make jokes about how this looks like a traditional Mexican poncho. I’m torn.


  1. Looking at the pics, the sleeves are shorter on the IYL, the arms look a bit tighter, it’s overall not as oversized as last year, and i wonder if the material is different (more/less sheer? maybe it’s the lighting)

  2. I’m with you on the poncho scarf, but I like the looks of it in the top banner photo. Hoping that’s a fun, different colorway but I guess we will see!

  3. the green of the jacket is super pretty. fingers crossed it comes out in something else other than a jacket because i need another jacket like i need a hole in my head.

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