5 Faves & a Dud: Ides of March Edition

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Yesterday was Pi Day, and you know what I didn’t do? Eat pie. What kind of sweet tooth am I when I forget to eat pie on Pi Day. However, I did buy Ben & Jerry’s, as if the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Ice Cream I bought on Sunday evening wasn’t enough. Never mind. Junk foodery abound. But no pie.


Tuesday night already? Time to take a STAB at ranking this week’s top 5. Pun very much intended. Get it? Anyone? Brutus?

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/15/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback ($42) in pink paradise

Barbie goes to gym class, and I really want to borrow her top. Or, buy my own.

Favorite #2: Run Times Short *4-way Stretch ($54) in pretty prism multi/black

If Elsa & Anna were ever caught by the paparazzi out for a run in Arendelle, this is what they’d be wearing.

Favorite #3: Tracker Short iii ($54) in rio nights multi/black

2 for 2 on the fun shorts game, yet none of them are Speeds! Fingers crossed we see more of these zika-free Rio nights.

Favorite #4: Run: Speed Short ($54) in boom juice

We’re officially streaking, people! 3 for 3 on the shorts that I want in my collection. I’m excited to see this awesomely rich color return in a core style with no silly details to ruin them. Want!

Favorite #5: Speed Crop ($88) in hero blue/seven wonders multi

Sorry for not being sorry about saying it: lulu’s web team has to be either drunk or on vacation this week. First the color snafu with pistachio (for which I called them out on Twitter, they said they’d fix and haven’t), and now the fact that these are billed as hero blue. They sure as sharknado aren’t hero blue (looking more like porcelaine to me), yet whatever they are enthuses me.

BONUS Fave: High Times Pant ($98) in cyber red grape bordeaux drama

I was too lazy to click the first time around and thought they were just a solid color. I now realize my mistake and don’t feel like undoing any of the top 5 that I’ve already written so bonus fave it is! I want these very much yes I do. Agh lulu why you be so expensive?

Look at her. Going through her head that precise moment on the left is “damn right these pants are awesome.”

The Dud: Speed Tight IV ($108) in checker blooms multi

This print will never be okay, and the fact that it’s a full length pant is adding insult to visual injury.

Other Notes & Nonsense

  • Narrowly missing the top 5 (ok, so 6) due to my preoccupation with shorts is the Rack Pack Bra, I’m eager to find this one in store and give it a try. Always could use another friend for dubs & long runs.
  • The capsule (read: gimmick) of the week is the Lucent collection, which is an edgy reflective floral embellishment on otherwise black gear.
  • Shown from Left to Right above:
  • Both the Swiftly Tech LS and 5 Mile LS show up in sea mist, which hopefully looks brighter in real life than it does on my macbook’s screen. On le laptop = so dull!
  • For those of you confident enough to think you’re not going to end up in a puddle of mud or leaning against a wall covered in wet paint, the Daily Practice Jacket is now available in white. Go on, make all the other girls at tennis jealous of how cute you look.
  • The Real Quick Jacket is exhibiting some Dud-like tendencies.
  • The underrated Sculpt Tank is now available in a very pretty miss mosaic lakeside blue hero blue/hero blue. If you haven’t given this tank a whirl yet, try it. You might like it!
  • To go underneath your paradise pink CRB, a paradise pink All Sport Bra III!
  • The Spring Breakaway Short returned for 2016 in 4-way stretch. If I didn’t snag them for $29 at the outlet last fall, I’d be bummed that I already own black ones in 2-way.
  • When you see it. The Time to Shine Jacket in white. Who wore it better?

Just remember, any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough.


Stopping with the jokes now.


  1. Speed shorts are too short for my taste, but I think it’s interesting how the run times and trackers both have a 4” inseam but the run times looks a little more flirty…something about the tracker looks too grandma for me. Maybe it’s the size of the leg opening?

  2. Bought the Rack Pack bra (since I was obsessed with the Run Stuff Your Bra.) I’m excited to try it. And I thought for sure it would make your top 5. !

  3. those trackers – OH MY! speeds are too short for me too, but i have some and ill wear them to dance class in the heat of the Houston summer. at that point, i dont really care anymore because its so hot!

    im liking the cyber red grape/bordeaux drama high times pants, but weather wise, we are crossing the line where it will be too hot for full length pants so i might not get that. the pink paradise crb is a definite maybe.

    your dud – zomg. so ugly. #sorrynotsorry

  4. Usually the model wearing the “dud” pants pulls everything off really well..but even on her…ick..not flattering at all!

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