The Fitting Room: Under Wraps Pullover


If you want to get all Miss Technicality on me, this is less fitting room, and more ‘front room at home’. Why? Because as I threatened to do in an earlier 5 Faves & a Dud, I went to the mall and indeed burned another Christmas gift card on the Under Wraps Pullover. The only thing is that I opted for heathered black, as opposed to the bordeaux drama that I highlighted in my previous post.

The Fitting Room: Under Wraps Pullover

IMG_3185Your regularly scheduled fit disclaimer: I’m 5’9″, and lulu’s size chart says I’m an 8 up top and a 10 on the bottom. I tend to go between 8-10 on both tops and bottoms, depending on the day and piece in question. The pullover shown in these photos is an 8.

THE FIT: I was a little concerned about this pullover at first, as lulu’s cotton fleece is known more for thickness than it is stretch. It looked a little small, so I initially took a 10 into the fitting room. It was comfy, but looked a bit boxy. I turned to the side and was not a fan of how little shape this piece was giving me.

So, I did what I did not expect to do. I ran out of the fitting room, across the store and sized down to what lululemon says I should wear, an 8. Game changed.

LENGTH: While it’s not cropped, it’s no CRB either. It falls right around my hip crease, which means that anyone 5’9″ or shorter (aka the vast majority of you) will not feel like this hits in an awkwardly short spot. It hits just low enough on me to cover what it needs to, but it doesn’t go down far enough to cause a slouch pouch. Yes, I just came up with that term. Thank the Russian Imperial Stout(s) in my hand for that gem.

POCKET SITUATION: Ladies and gents, we’ve got one pocket, a kangaroo pocket, in front. Inside the right side of the big main pocket is a smaller sub-pocket for your cell phone to fit in and not flop around.

The kangaroo pocket zips from both sides, and is NOT divided. What does this mean? You can fit both the remote control and an embarrassingly large bag of M&M’s inside to save yourself a trip when trying to get both the wine and M&M’s from the kitchen to the couch during one of those moments when Netflix judges you by asking “are you still watching?”, but you confidently ignore their judgery and thank the algorithm for a built in snack break.

Talk about a long ass non-sentence. You get my drift. Big pocket in front.

DETAILS: The biggest selling point on the Under Wraps Pullover is a wide-necked hood. It’s quite nice to not absolutely mess up one’s hair while trying to get this pullover on and off. It’s thick like a Scuba III and will cover about half of your face when pulled all the way up and over your head. It’s also free of the large lululemon logo that’s become the hallmark of the Scuba Hoodie.

The sleeves also feature thumbholes, but unfortunately my arms are a bit too long to comfortably take advantage of this feature. 🙁

THE VERDICT: This paragraph is supposed to answer the question “did I buy it or not?”, but seeing that I let the cat out of the proverbial bag with the opening paragraph of this post, let’s just say I’m quite happy with this purchase.

It’s a bit odd to wear with your long hair down or with a scarf (thanks to the large collar), but at the same time, if you’re not all that comfortable wearing your hair up without something around your neck, this pullover provides that nice security blanket face-nuzzling feeling that you’re in search of.

Long wordy story short, this pullover is stupid warm and it makes me happy. If you live ANYWHERE with snow and cold temps, it will make you happy too.


  1. I got the under wrap and I LOVE IT! As a matter of fact, I got two. It was outrageously expensive, but I was so in love I had to. Luckily there’s nothing else at Lulu I want, and the uploads have stunk for a while so I think I can blow the wad on two pullovers. It is so comfy, and yesterday when I was driving I snuggled my chin down into it’s neck rolls. I am so in love with it! I think I dreamed about it last night. I can wear this forever and be happy! Thanks for the try on report, it’s good to see someone else loves it too! Don’t tell too many people though so it will go on WMTM and I can buy the last color at a better price 🙂

  2. this looks sooooo cozy! and warm! i lose out w/ all the cute, cozy stuff because i live in a warmer area of the US!

    cannot justify buying this pullover.

  3. I just noticed that the Australian site got this same named item (“Under Wraps Pullover”) but in “super soft french terry,” as opposed to cotton fleece. So what is up with that strange difference? i would love to get this in the minty pink version (the terry on the Aus site), but am wondering if we’ll even see that non-fleece version here in US…

  4. Please don’t ever stop blogging, your verbage cracks me up at every post and even though I don’t comment often, I am reading. I didn’t look twice at this top because my closet is essentially black, white, gray and bordeaux but I love the neckline and will try it on when I see it next.

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