5 Faves & a Dud: Skivvies, Reduxes & Dupes

5 Faves & a Dud

I am having a MOMENT right now. This moment is courtesy of a panko breaded tilapia filet and some hatch chile mac & cheese, Trader Joe’s style. I shouldn’t be let loose in that establishment on an empty stomach, on Saturday evening I managed to drop 70 smackers at TJ’s. That’s a Whole Foods type of total. Dios mio.

Also, tonight I discovered Chameleon Cold Brew at Target. Coffee life made. No more stalking WFM or having to pay a ton of shipping to stock the fridge! If you’re a coffee aficionado, Chameleon is one of the smoothest cups of iced joe I’ve ever tasted. Worth giving a try.

I did my taxes this weekend, which was fun. 3 cheers for mortgage interest! So, if I buy something from lulu this week, I’ll be sure to say HO HO HO because my refund was essentially the belated other half of my holiday bonus at work. Bright colors, COME AT ME BRO!

5 Faves & a Dud – 2/23/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback ($42) in boom juice

Gahhhh I *just* bought the porcelaine blue CRB on Saturday, and now boom juice is happening? Sorry, laundry pile. You may get ANOTHER tank top deeper.

Favorite #2: Scuba Hoodie III ($118) in commuter denim lakeside blue hero blue/hero blue

What a long name. I’m a sucker for a deep rich blue. I’ll admit to being a late hopper on the scuba train, but now that I’m on it, this one takes a spot in the top 5 easy peasy lemon SQUEEZZZY.

INTERMISSION: Daaaaaamn Gina! I hate when my mac & cheese is over.

Favorite #3: Run: Speed Short ($54) in heathered black/black/lakeside blue

Those of you who are as lulu bonkers as I am will notice that these are VERY similar to the heathered gray that dropped in July with the grapefruit & tranquil blue accents (see below). If you missed the train on those and are looking for a close match, make like Tonto and jump on it before this one leaves the station too!


Favorite #4: Align Pant ($98) in deep green/cyber jungle hero blue

O_o <3

While I have yet to hop on the train on non-black Aligns (COME ON AND RESTOCK INKWELL ALREADY), this is a snappy looking deep green. How long is it been since I last used the word ‘snappy’? Too damn long.

Favorite #5: Rest Less (Restless?) Pullover ($84) in heathered lakeside blue

Yes, it’s got a Star Wars and/or Judy Jetson vibe to it. The galactic vibe is the exact reason why I’m drawn to the latest incarnation of this top! Why it’s $16 more than a Swiftly I’m not quite sure, but I’m not a lululemon price god. To follow up on using the term ‘snappy’, I’m going to move it on down the alphabet a bit and call this pullover snazzy. 🙂

The Dud: Make a Move Short ($58) in twisted dune minty pink alarming

Minty pink is a color hex. Misaligned stripes on the sides are doing these zero favors. Nope nope nope nope nope.

Random Ramblings

  • Lulu must have known that it’s wet snowy here in the northeast tonight, with the Rain Supreme Jacket and Rain On Jacket both staring me in the face when I launched the app tonight. Or, you know… coincidence.
  • BONUS on the Speed Shorts: the colourway featured above is also featured in heathered black with boom juice accents, instead of lakeside blue.
  • I like the lighter glyde fabric the Gather Me Slightly Jacket is made out of, but very light flare draws attention to the gathering detail in a less than flattering way. It’s also $148, which strikes me as odd, given the very similar Go the Distance Jacket from late summer priced out at $128.
  • If red grape has grabbed your attention, we now have a solid Define Jacket for you to add to your ever-growing laundry pile.
  • The capsule of the week is the Make a Move. Both the Make a Move Tank and Make a Move Bra are characterized by a bunch of string in the back that A) reminds me of the cat’s cradle string games I used to play in 2nd grade and B) makes me question if this tank will be appropriate for larger-chested women. Unlikely.
  • The Make a Move Tight looks like High Times with some side mesh action and bonus pockets. Having to take it or leave it? I’ll leave them.
  • The Make a Move Long Sleeve is an unimpressive non-hooded version of the Under Wraps Pullover.
  • Posey black white/black (Sculpt Tank) looks like cartoon hypnotist eyes. I don’t hate it. You can also find this print on the Tracker Shorts.
  • The only reason I glossed over the porcelaine Energy Bra for the top 5 is because I already snagged one in Pipe Dream back in… 2014? Don’t need another. Selfish move of me not to point it out, as I wear my pipe dream one A TON. While porcelaine isn’t *quite* as vibrant, it’s still a great color.
  • The Energy also came in a second black & white print this week, miss mosaic black.
  • Fullux High Times? NOOOOOOOOOO!
  • The Flow & Go Tight is the latest foray into seamless pants… don’t like it won’t like it they just don’t look good on me. Another selfish observation, I know.
  • The All the Right Places Crop is already on design II, and the deep coal ones caught my attention.
    • Going on that point, RIDDLE ME THIS. They changed the Swiftly back in the fall, but never bothered to call it the Swiftly II. It’s recently been drawn to my attention that the nulu used to make the Align Pant has also changed. I felt it for myself this weekend, and it definitely has a more luon-like feel. Yet, are they called the Align II? Nope. Whiskey tango foxtrot.
  • The Tranquil Tank would be a solid option for hot yoga/super sweaty WOD. There was an inkling of humidity at the gym last night, and none of us were all too pleased. Maybe winter is allowed to stay a little while longer.
  • I’ve been waiting to see what my beloved discontinued Light as Air Hipster would be replaced with, and tonight the replacements have finally arrived! The Namastay Put Hipster & Namastay Put Thong. The hipster is essentially the Light as Air with a seam down the center of the back, and the thong seems like it’s EXACTLY the same.
  • Seems like once a year everyone’s staple scarf, the Vinyasa Scarf, drops in plain black. I was slightly disappointed by mine last year and how thin and floppy it ended up being. Up until that point, I’d only ever owned a 2-sided scarf, so I was used to how stiff it was and nicely it stood up on my neck. With the single layer solid colors, the scarves may flop a bit. Consider yourself warned.

Toying around with the idea of the boom juice CRB & testing a new pair of the Namastays. Haven’t bothered to even get to the ‘add to cart’ button yet. Maybe I’ll get there. Maybe I won’t.

Did anyone expand their wardrobe this week? 🙂


  1. boom juice crb, come to mama! 😀 i skipped porcelaine because i dont really look all that good in blue…. but pinks, especially warmer toned pinks, are another story!!!

    LOL @ the dud. again w/ the vertigo inducing print. 😀

  2. Do you wear the hipsters while exercising? Any chafing? What about panty lines under crops? Any issues there? Thanks!

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