WMTM Alert! 2/18/16

WMTM Alert

WMTM BEFORE lunch, whoa! +24 items today. Catch them all here.

Enough out of me, go forth and get cute stuff for cheap(ish). 🙂


  1. i bought the wuc roll downs in palm party fatigue green black (because green!) and the raspberry crb. i found that crb on sale for much lower at the store, but they only had size 12s.

    i missed the skinny grooves, dangit. i wanted another pair since they are awesome kickin’ around pants. thank you for turning me on to them! 🙂

  2. The lulu pant is suuuuuuuper low rise and made me extremely uncomfortable. Someone smaller than me (5’6″) or with a shorter torso might not have an issue with it but whatever you call the crotch seam reminded me of the Frankie Bs from the early 2000s

    1. Totally agree on the low rise of the Lulu pant! I wear 6 in most leggings, 6/8 in other pant styles. I ordered an 8 in these (to be safe – ha!). They were super tight and low! Fastest return ever! Would be adorable on someone who rocks the low low rise.

  3. Tempted to get the That’s A Wrap. They don’t usually drop their prices any more than the initial WMTM prices, do they? Like they won’t get any cheaper in a week or so?

    1. Prices don’t necessarily drop within a week, but if something doesn’t move for 4+ weeks, then I’ve seen prices drop in the past in an effort to get product out the door.

  4. I’m curious as to everyone’s opinions on the skinny will vs the skinny groove? I’ve always thought pictures of the skinny will were super cute but somehow always miss them, and I’m wondering how they compare to the grooves! Also I have a feeling the skinny will & groove will come back in a few months with a $20 price hike, so I’m sort of leaning towards grabbing some on ebay. Do they fit TTS ?

    1. i have 2 skinny grooves and dont really wear them to work out, other than to hike. theyre roomy so you can def size down. the first one i got in my regular size, the second one, i got a size down.

      the downside of the skinny grooves for me is theyre super long, but im super short. i always have to take them in to be hemmed at the store.

    2. Unfortunately, having not owned a pair of Skinny Wills before, I can’t speak to how they look and feel 🙁

      By the looks of them, the legs fit the same, but the Skinny Groove has seams down the center on the back of each leg, and the Skinny Groove have the pockets & drawstring going for them.

      With how tight the pants are, I can’t imagine anything more than a credit card and a few dollars going in there without drawing attention, but that’s still more than the Skinny Groove’s coin pocket can fit!

    3. Ah one more thing as far as the sizing goes! I have 2 pairs of Skinny Grooves, an 8 and a 10.

      My 10s ran so large that I ran and bought 8s about 2 months later. I normally take a 10 in WUPs & Speeds, if that helps any!

  5. I’m SO excited I was able to snatch up the festival bag in multi blooming pixie! I have an upcoming international trip, and I think this will be a great travel bag. yayyyy 😀

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