Color Comparison: Very Light Flare vs Pink Lemonade vs Grapefruit


Thanks to reader Marie for the color comparison, so I don’t need to dig through my laundry pile and do it myself! Below are pink lemonade, VL flare & grapefruit.


Maybe my eyes or the lighting in my house are good at optical trickery – because while they don’t look similar when grapefruit and pink lemonade are 10 feet away from each other, those two confuse me sometimes. They’re the reason why I never bought the flash light CRB, yet months later I still have it on my wish list!


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  1. Oooo get the flash light CRB!! I have it and love it.

    Great color comparison, it really helps show these colors are different, but still very similar to each other. If flash light were in that pic, it would completely round out all the orangey-pinks lulu put out in the last 4 months 🙂

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