5 Faves & a Dud: Double Plus Light Flare

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Well, crap on a cracker. I forgot to post about WWL this weekend. Blame my inner geek. On Saturday, I was in the grocery store doing something completely mundane: buying laundry detergent. When I grabbed a bottle off the shelf, a robot voice from a TV screen up above thanked me for shopping Tide. Ya welcome, Big Brother. The next day, the phrase ‘modern day proles’ game up in a text conversation I was having – yet another reference to Mr. Orwell.

I have a copy of 1984. On Sunday evening I looked over at the shelf, and between the 2 references made to it in passing the day before… I thought I’MMA READ THAT BOOK. So I grabbed it and read George Orwell’s 1984 (yeah, that book you hated in high school lit class) from cover to cover inside of 24 hours. I think the macbook resented me for choosing an actual book to spend my long weekend with.

Reading 1984 at 30 is completely different than reading it at 17. The first 2 times I tried reading it in HS, I literally threw the book across the room about 40 pages in because I just couldn’t get into it. How anyone thought it was a good idea to include that book in a high school curriculum and expect kids who have not yet been members of the full-time working class to understand it is beyond me.

Stopping with the double plus nerdspeak now.

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/19/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Fresh Mesh Run Crop ($88) in wind chill deep navy black/black

The following things work in this crop’s favor:

  • Subtle yet edgy print
  • A waist that will stay put
  • Side pockets
  • Length
  • Fun wrap detail on the bottom
  • Price tag (Is it bad if I consider $88 ‘reasonable’?)

Favorite #2: Baller Hat *Perforated ($38) in black

This is actually a comeback item. I bought this hat back in July on a whim and wear it ALL. THE. TIME. See excessive photographic evidence above that apparently I’m in a committed relationship with a hat.

The fabric is stretchy and breathable, and the design isn’t too girly or stupid. Great to keep in the car and throw on before you go into the grocery store in a small town so that you don’t have to risk running into people you don’t like. I wish that were just a made up story, but it’s not. It’s also my trusty airplane hat. Brim down, don’t bother me bro!

Before you all chime in and say it, YES, this was also the 2015 Seawheeze finisher’s hat, only difference was a small Seawheeze emblem on the brim. I’ve rambled on long enough. Just buy yourself this hat.

Favorite #3: Pace Rival Crop ($88) in space dye twist dark slate fatigue green/ray

While the lighter pop of color sometimes makes me go agh (see Dud below), it works when it comes to fatigue green and ray. Yay! #lookmomirhymed

Favorite #4: Rain on Train On Jacket ($128) in naval blue AND black/heathered black

I couldn’t just pick one! I initially thought HEY COOL at the two-toned back panel on the black one, but then I saw the royal blue zipper on the naval blue. Relaunched myself into a minor tizzy. Waterproof, with a fitted design and seams and reflective accents all put in place to accent how well you’ve been adhering to your new year’s resolution in the gym… you HAVE been behaving, right?! The CrossFit Open is coming up faster than you think!

It’s got a ponytail hole in the hood. Does anyone ever use those?

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech SS Crew ($58) in heathered raspberry

Jewel tone. Color win. Enough said.

The Dud: Inspire Tight II ($98) in space dye twist naval blue very light flare/very light flare

Agh! The misaligned stripes. The large pop of summery color in the middle of a fall/wintry color scheme. Just nope.

Other Random Notes

  • Very Light Flare is unquestionably the ‘it’ color of the week. I need to go to the store wearing my Grapefruit and Pink Lemonade CRBS and compare. Here’s what you can get all very light flared up:
  • The funky capsule of the week is the Ready Set Sweat, featuring a zip front bra and the mesh-paneled oddly complicated Ready Set Sweat Tank. Looks almost exactly like last year’s Mesh With Me Tank (which I bought and eventually regretted) in front.
  • The heathered peacock Swiftly Racerback would have been a hit, had it not been all static mist patterned up.
  • Check the swatches of the Hit Your Stride Skirt that are next to each other: flash light & pink lemonade. Too similar!
  • What the Sport Short II fans, they got the space dye twist lullaby ray treatment this week.
  • The Pace Rival Skirt ii in bordeaux drama/space dye twist naval blue very light flare packs a surprising bright punch in the form of very light flare shorts underneath.
  • The latest Speed Shorts are a little strange, not sure I’m on board with the black/blooming pixie aquamarine multi. Big contrast.
  • Speaking of Speed Shorts, I totally missed thewind chill white lullaby/lullaby/ray before publishing last week’s top 5. They are AWESOME and I would like to wear them to the beach please.

Nothing screamed “HEY YOU, BUY ME” this evening. My bank account is okay with that.

If you’ll excuse me, I need to go eat all the food in my kitchen. The snatch complex we did today has given me THE HUNGER, and apparently a big pancetta/cheddar omelet on a pair of waffles (in addition to gulping my recovery shake in record time) wasn’t enough for dinner.

Go buy that hat, everyone.


  1. Funny enough, I bought the Dud of the week. I do crossfit too, and liked the obnoxious colors and stripes.
    I’d have to say the more dud-like qualities include how they kept falling down in the WOD and their inability to absorb sweat. Lulu fail :-/

    1. Oh no! I tend to have that falling down problem with any roll-down styles when there’s running involved. Haven’t had that issue with any Inspire Crops, though.

      Try and bring them back! Doesn’t lulu’s website claim they’ll take gear back if you don’t feel it’s up to snuff?

  2. Pretty please share Marie’s photo?! I haven’t seen VLF in real life yet. I’m concerned it will be too orange rather than pink, not sure that’s a flattering color on me. Have to agree on the dud. Ugh.

  3. i have a baller hat that i love and abuse all the time. i might grab this one because i like how it fits on my noggin.

    also, i think a try on trip for the fresh mesh run crop is in order. 🙂

  4. I swore your dud would be the sit alone scarf! I can’t even figure that thing out, it’s so wavy and big. Just arm slits and fabric.

    1. Ha! I think the demure color scheme made me not look twice at it. While I wouldn’t wear it in its full draped out glory, I will admit that it could end up being a practical buy for a traveler who can never quite keep warm on planes or in hotel rooms with broken thermostats!

      Both of those scenarios have happened to me before. Kind of nice to have what I now realize sounds like (and essentially is) the adult version of a blankie. 🙂

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