WMTM Alert! 1/21/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Looks like the weekly shuffle is ready for the taking… check it all out here.

This week’s standouts are:

Go forth & shop!


  1. I got the pace tights & the what the sport short in pigment wind berry rumble. there’s something about this print that i really like. which is strange because i dont really go for prints. but there you go.

    fingers crossed that i get OK pattern placement.

  2. The WTS shorts are all at $39? They usually mark down at $29 or maximum $32. What a ripoff. I wish I’d grabbed more when they were all WMTM a month or so back, as now it looks like the original WTS might be a gone-r. The good news is I’ve been eyeing those painted boogie shorts and am def gonna scoop some up in store tomorrow, along with the Runderful pants, if either are there.

  3. Thanks Katy! I confess, I bought the Zone In pants in navy and the Zone In crop in grey. I know no one likes them, but I have one pair of the crops already and I think they’re just fine at that price. I’ve worn them for yoga and casual wear and they’ve been fine.

  4. There was a bunch of product added this morning and it was gone before I could check out 🙁 I got a pair of the Zone In pants too, they are actually really comfy for yoga.

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