5 Faves & a Dud: Ray of Light

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Because lulu brought back the color ray this week in a big way, here’s the requisite reference to the Madonna song that I could NOT get enough of back in 1998. Yeah, I had the CD single. That’s what’s up.


Is anyone else getting their behind kicked in the gym this week? Week 2 back from the holidays, and the CrossFit Open is sneaking up fast. Today, we did the following chipper:

30min time cap:
25 Box Jumps
50 Pull-Ups
75 Abmat Sit-Ups
Row 2000m (or 1 mile run)
75 Abmat Sit-ups
50 Pull-Ups
25 Box Jumps

I got through 44 of the second set up pull-ups. SO CLOSE to ripping on reps 20+, there were a lot of singles, each followed by flattening out the blister that was bubbling up on my finger. I need a new razor blade for my palms. CrossFitters know what I mean.

Yesterday was 4 rounds:

1 min Row – Max Calories
*Rest 1min*
1 min Thrusters – Max Reps
*Rest 1min*

8 minutes of work. Result: f*cking jello legs.

Catch the full upload here, continue scrolling for your weekly dose of snarky OMGIWANTTHAT.

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/12/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Crop *Hi-Rise ($88) in space dye twist naval blue peacock blue

Signature lululemon ass flattery. Need I say more?

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback ($42) in ray

Another old school favorite color is back to help punt those winter blues. Don’t do burpees or abmat situps in this. Today’s WOD included 150 abmat situps. Nobody make me laugh for the next 48 hours, please.

Favorite #3: Energy Bra ($48) in wind chill white lullaby/ray

So wind chill white lullaby is ranking high on the late 80’s/early 90’s scale. It works. Add in the pop of color with the ray stripes, and we have ourselves something pretty that will look SO much better on me when I have a tan.

Favorite #4: Let’s Be Short Sleeve Tee ($58) in apex stripe

Channel your inner jailbird in the front, HAVE A PARTY IN THE BACK. So fun so fun so fun so fun so fun. Don’t mind me short-circuiting with excitement over here.

Favorite #5: Run: Speed Short ($54) in inkwell/space dye twist lullaby ray/ray

Let’s just round out the top 5 with another member of the ray/space dye family, because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. I like ray more than split pea. If I said that sentence to my friend Amanda, she may think I like her boyfriend more than I like fugly green soup. Teehee.

The Dud: Beyond Boundaries Onesie ($118) in black

Did you even have to ask? It’s a ONESIE. A onesie that’s beyond the boundaries of what I’m willing to wear out in public when I’m not wearing a halloween costume.

Other Notables

  • SUPER CLOSE 1st runner up to the top 5: Vinyasa Scarf *Rulu in mini check pique aquamarine heathered peacock blue. <3
  • The Wunder Under Pant III is also available in the super fun space dye, for those of you looking for full-length awesomeness.
  • More pretty leftovers from the summer: the Flow Y Tank in flash light
  • For how brilliant the other items in ray come across, the heathered ray version of the Swiftly Tech LS comes off as really flat in the photos. Almost pukey. Not good, lulu. Not good.
  • Vest lovers, the Down for a Run keeps on coming, this time in inkwell. I may have to suck it up and buy this. I have been kicking myself for months for not having purchased a navy blue vest all fall and winter long. Perhaps it’s time to fork over the $$$ before I miss out AGAIN.
  • Maybe I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: If I took barre class, I’d be super into the Exquisite Tank in black. I don’t take barre class. I’ll continue to admire from afar.
  • The Chilly Bomber looks cozy AF. Hood FTW.
  • While it’s a bit pricey, the Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket is a nice play on the asymmetrical zipper.
  • A different type of space dye twist sneaks in on the Daily Practice Jacket: space dye twist dark slate fatigue green/black. I would buy WUCs in this. Lulu, take notes.
  • Instructions for the new Warm it Up LS: buy, wear skiing/snowboarding, feel awesome. Rulu yeaaaaahhhh!
  • AHHHH the apex stripe Let’s Be Short Sleeve Tee is SUPER FUN IN THE BACK. GAH I WANT.
  • I am also digging the Enhearten Tank in space dye twist lullaby/ray. Clearly all lulu needs to do this week is take something relatively muted and add an accent of ray in… then I go so gaga my name might as well be Stefani Germanotta.
  • The took the heathered JM Swiftly Tech Racerback and made it all weird with a pattern. Boo.
  • The Swiftly Tech SS is in heathered peacock this week. I can’t tell you much better I like colors when they’re heathered with black and not white. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  • Don’t worry, you Free to Be *Wild lovers, your fave bra came out in pretty space dye twist and ray straps too. 🙂
  • The inkwell/wind chill white lullaby/ray trend looks good on the Speed Tight IV. Slightly sassy and definitely not stupid.

Do I *need* a $58 tee shirt? Nope. Do I really want that $58 tee shirt? YAS.

I think I’m done rambling now.


  1. lol @ the onesie.

    i am liking that wunder under crop! and the speeds are pretty!

    im going to the store this saturday to pick up my pants that i had hemmed so ill try on stuff!

  2. Yep, my ass has been kicked this week in the gym. I can feel the soreness setting in for a workout I finished 5 hours ago 😳

    Can’t decide how I feel about Ray. I like the pop of color, but I’m pretty dang fair-skinned, so I don’t think it’ll work for me. Hopefully I don’t regret passing on this crb.

    1. I told one of our coaches this week at the box was OUCH and he just smiled and said ‘IT’S OPEN SEASON!’

      I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to ray & having a fairer complexion!

  3. I did so many squat cleans today and I want to die.

    RAY THOUGH. My ray speeds are some of my favorites ever. I thought about the CRB, but honestly, I feel like I’m too pale to have highlighter neon that close to my face. I’ll probably just stick with my speeds. Ah well.

    1. Now add in a pale head of hair to go with the pale skin and it’s a recipe for fashion disaster. 🙂

      If only this color existed (and I could afford lululemon) way back in the day when I was a perpetually tan lifeguard.

  4. That whole wind chill/white lulluby late 80s/early 90s vibe totally plays to my nostalgia. Being in my early 30s, I now have a nostalgic period that consumerism can prey upon. Maybe younger kids find it cleverly retro? I know they love flannel shirts and puffy vests right now. I remember being a teen and finding 70s/80s retro.

    1. We’re the same age, so I know the feeling! The Energy Bra looks like this leotard I had for gymnastics way back in the day. Gahhh I loved that thing. <3

  5. I think you should get the t-shirt. jussayin.

    I made the wonderful (terrible) decision to start back up with full time Crossfit this week, after 3 months of strength training with pretty much no cardio. AKA I’m dying – yesterday I did over 100 wallballs and I wanted to cry. Why is that movement so bad?! It’s almost as bad as thrusters.

    Anyway, I got the Ray and Cool Breeze CRBs this week. I think the Ray will be perfect for the Volt accents on my black and white Nike Metcons. 😀 gotta look good getting back into the box, of course…

    I also LOVE the look of the new heathered lullaby scuba iii but I really don’t need a 3rd (and if I do, I’m holding out for the Fuel Green which we STILL haven’t gotten in the US or Canada. UGH.).

    1. I’d get anything ray so dirty. After all that nonsense I caused about the pistachio CRB last year, I find myself too afraid to wear it half the time because I don’t want to ruin it.

      Having just gotten my first Scuba ever this week (heathered speckled black), I’m sitting here with my face nuzzled up in it and completely understand the desire for a 3rd.

    1. I saw it in store today and was turned off by the silver zipper and how shiny it was. I tend to wear navy blue with gold hardware, so it would have clashed with any of the outfits I wanted to put it with.

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