The Fitting Room: All the Right Places Crop


Walk off plane, find a lululemon. BONUS when it’s located within spitting distance of a Whole Foods. Woooo Nashville! Thursday was my first store trip since all the fancy pants were released, so I went to town and tried on the new kids on the block. Aside from the Align Pant, the rest of them left me thoroughly unenthused with both the product and the price tags.

All the Right Places Crop ($118)

The big selling point on these is zoned in compression and the lack of front seam to prevent camel toe. LIES. If you’re a slender yogi, then maybe. If you squat and have quads that pop out at all, standing with your legs together will yield said unattractive camel toe. There’s also a double inseam on these, which I didn’t find comfortable. If I pulled them up far enough to feel good, then the camel toe was SUPER obvious. There’s a reason why I stood with my legs apart for the photos below!

IMG_7179I tried to lighten the photos up a bit so that you could notice the paneling detail. Overall, I liked the high rise and pockets on the side, but wasn’t the biggest fan of the *ahem*… view in the front. From the side and the back? I don’t hate it. But if you’re not comfortable looking at yourself head on in the mirror, they’re not worth the price.


  1. I bought the blue version of these and wore them for the first time running and for that purpose they were fabulous. The compression was amazing and the high waist helped against any potential slippage. The lack of a front seam worked well with my body type I guess because I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a selling point but did make a positive mental note about the non-camelish experience. That being said I did have to exchange my first pair because they came straight out of the mail with a seaming flaw and hole in the rear! With that many seams I guess it could happen but it wasn’t a great first impression! Luckily I REALLY wanted blue running crops:) tried on align pants, didn’t purchase them yet but have them on a hair trigger! Amazing!!!

    1. The instant unravel has happened to me before with last year’s Rebel Runner Crops! Thankfully the store’s seamstress was able to fix. I do love the blue color, but light colors aren’t always too kind to me.

      I think it was the fullux pants with the regular Luxtreme inseam that just felt a little strange to me.

  2. I liked these but they were way too long for me as crops but too short to be pants. Damn being 5’1. The main selling point for me really was the side pocket because I’m obsessed with those but I found a pair of Trailblazer crops with side pockets that fit much better for my shortness plus were $30 less expensive.

    Thanks for your fit review, love it! Also, just moved from Lexington, KY and their Lulu is also right next to a Whole Foods if you’re ever in the area.

    1. Is it more random that 1) I’ve actually been to that lulu & Whole Foods or 2) I’m going to be working in Lexington and will likely be there next week? 🙂

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