WMTM Alert: 1/14/16

WMTM Alert

A little late on the uptake here, sorry! Blame the day job. It likes to keep me uber busy lately.

71 –> 83 items | Check out the full WMTM Section here.

  • Apparently I’m not the only one who thought the Runderful Pant felt funny. It’s now $79 – ALL sizes, BOTH colors
  • Not surprised to see the All About that Base Tight, lulu lovers aren’t generally into the robo-UA look.
  • Shadow wrap multi didn’t impress the world much in the Wunder Under Pant III
  • This old pair of Speed Tights keeps popping up. Did they find a box in the corner of the warehouse?
  • Damn you lucky size 4’s – the Pace Rival Crop in bumble berry is cute stuff.
  • More closet cleanout of the Run: Inspire Crop II in both fullux and luxtreme.
  • The luck of the size 4 strikes again! The Hi-Rise Wunder Under Crop in space dye twist cosmic teal multi is only $64. I bought these as a birthday gift to myself and LOVE ‘EM.
  • Lucky size 4 part III: the berry rumble/pigment wind berry rumble multi/heathered herringbone heathered berry rumble bordeaux drama (what a mouthful) Wunder Under Crop III *Hi-Rise is $64 too.
  • Bordeaux drama Kriss Cross Crop in sizes 8 & 10
  • SPEED SHORTS! – sizes 6-8-10 in sapphire blue/washi weave angel wing naval blue/black
  • The somewhat fun dramatic static Pace Rival Skirt II in Sizes 2 & 10
  • Maybe I’ll try the Kanto Catch Me Bra now that it’s only $39!
  • We’ve got 3 options for the Anahatasana Bra – which I don’t even remember dropping in the first place? Clearly not enthralling.
  • I will admit to trying and secretly liking the Down for a Run Hat in store this winter. I kind of want it, now that it’s $29. Don’t judge me, bro.


  1. I totally just ordered that hat! I’ve been waiting for it to hit WMTM. My ears hurt when it’s cold, especially running, so definitely worth a try. Maybe it looks ridiculous, who knows. Only thing for me today, though I did order the Cozy Up Buttercup jacket yesterday.

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