WWL: 4th Time’s a Charm

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BAHAHAHA – I just looked out my window and saw a VW Beetle just creep through the parking lot. For some reason that just made me laugh out loud. It’s Friday and I’m losing my marbles. Still jammin’ out to my iPod a la 2004. It’s still weird to type 2016 as the year. I still think Y2K happened last week.


Fast forward 4 hours later when I come to finish this post, maybe I shouldn’t laugh so hard at the VW. At least it starts. My Nissan is misbehaving, and if it’s an alternator that needs to replaced, that’s going to eat into my lulu budget and I AM NOT A FAN OF SUCH THINGS. Call it car karma.


Fast forward ANOTHER 24 hours. Clearly my ability to sit down and focus is nonexistent. The bueno news on the car seems to be that the connection on one of the battery terminals just came loose. Nothing I couldn’t fix with a wrench.


Let’s see if the FOURTH time is a charm sitting down to complete this post. Some Sunday mornings I go to open gym. Others I make PB chocolate chip pancakes and Irish coffee. Guess what type of Sunday today is? Blame it on the rain.

What We Love – 1/8/16


Since I’ve seen this color, my reaction has been a 50/50 split between “oooh pretty” and “whoops I think your iris flower wunder unders bled in the wash”.


The only way I’m convinced these are different than the &Go City Trek Trouser is that they’re luon, instead of super awesome waterproof urban twill. Otherwise… TWINSIES!

WWL3 copy

Hey look! Here comes the Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket‘s zip-free little sister. Not sure if I do or don’t like the way the neckline looks like a hoodie in the front, but is a total fakeout.


Rulu LS with thumbholes and a high neck to protect us from the fact that it’s January. While I’d get the Cool Breeze one dirty in about .0432 seconds flat, I’m curious to see what other colors & textures this will be released in!

WWL4 copy

If they come out with a LS version of this, I’m going to have a tough time saying no.


Unfortunately with the black, I can’t really make out too many of the details that set these apart from all the rest. Side pocket, mesh panels behind the knees and ankle detail a la Special Edition High Times *Wraps from earlier last summer.

Depending on the waistline, I may consider giving them a try when they come south of the border. That and the price tag. There’s a reason I don’t own the Tight Stuff Tight.

For those of you whose gift cards made it through last week unscathed, is anyone else tempted for Tuesday?


  1. Ooh hope the fresh mesh run crop comes in some good colors. I love the fit and colors of the pace queen but no side pockets. Speed crops have side pockets but the colors are a bit bland for me. Fingers crossed!

    1. Tried on the Speed Crops today – didn’t love, but didn’t hate them either. Agree that they need to come out in a few jazzier patterns!

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