WMTM Alert! – 1/7/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

Time for the Thursday shuffle! I should really create some sort of dance move to go with that.

*insert funny GIF that I will likely never get around to making here*

Nothing too earth-shattering, mostly updates in the tank top department. Catch it all here, or keep on reading for the Cliff’s notes.

WMTM Alert – 1/7/16

  • The 105F Singlet doppelganger, the Intrinsic Tank, is available in ALL sizes for only $34. This is a mega deal, because this is one of those 2-in-1 tanks with a detachable sports bra!
  • The rather confusing Tough It Out Tank in heathered menthol/mountain peaks black forage teal is available in a 2 and 4.
  • Did I miss the All Sport Support Tank in bordeaux drama/mountain peaks bon bon bordeaux drama the first go around? I really like this color combo! $44, all sizes. Go for it, ladies.
  • We’ve got an assortment of sizes and colors in the Amala Tank. Great to layer under stuff during the winter.
  • Fans of the Flow Y IV, mountain peaks bon bon bordeaux drama is marked down and available in ALL sizes!
  • Size 8’s, get your SPEED SHORTS in floral sport tranquil blue multi/tranquil blue/black.
  • Does anyone want the Drop it Like It’s Hot Leotard now that it’s only $59?
  • Scored a Sun to Moon Scarf back at the warehouse sale this fall. I wear it all the time. Perfect for when you’re not exactly in the mood for something as heavy as a Vinyasa (BTW, the cotton ones are also marked down)
  • Fans of the Light As Air skivvies: MORE COLORS available for only $9 apiece. GET THEM WHILE THEY STILL EXIST.

At risk of TMI, I think I’ve now purchased at least 6 pairs of the Light As Air Hipster in the past 7 days given this $9 scare/deal they’ve got going on. Don’t care.


  1. I also just added 8 more Light As Air Hipsters to my collection thanks to the WMTM upload today- no shame! They’re the best!!!

  2. I definitely like the All Sport Support tank but cannot saturate my wardrobe with anymore Bordeaux Drama. It’s like they purchased miles of that colour and have to make everything in Bordeaux. I suspect the other colour ways will eventually make it to WMTM too.

  3. Two things:
    1) do you get compensated when we click through your links? I always click through despite having wmtm open in another tab, but I want to make sure it actually supports you when I do that 🙂
    2) I got the pink lemonade kanto catch me tank at the flagship lulu for $29 last week. I’ve noticed across the board that store wmtm has much lower pricing. I even saw the down for a run pullover for well under $100!

    1. Hi Sam! Yes, I do get a few cents if you click through the links on my site. Thank you thank you for the support! 🙂

      You’re right on the store deals – I’ve gotten many a deal on items still full-priced online before. If a store sells through all but one size really quickly, sometimes you’ll score.

      What the customer base is buying factors in too. I remember this summer, swimwear was already discounted by at least 50%, but when I visited the store in Manhattan Beach, CA in July – of course it was all still selling for full price!

      Brick & mortar = bargains.

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