5 Faves & a Dud: Still in a HoliDAZE

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Happy Boxing Day! Boxing Day… also known where I’m from as ‘can’t wait 12 more minutes to spend the gift cards you just got for Christmas and MUST BUY ALL THE THINGS NOW!’ At least, that’s how I saw it as a 14 year old girl who really couldn’t get enough of Abercrombie & Fitch. The only way you could get me to go near the mall today is if you paid me at least $500 or got me drunk first and gave me a ride.

What I need to do is get my sorry behind into the gym. We did the CrossFit Total last week, and I kept my expectations super low. Having not trained heavy back squats practically AT ALL since the spring, I felt surprisingly confident hitting just 5lbs below a lifetime PR, and had a good miss at a 5lb PR attempt. Apparently there have been some (re)gains in the strength department. That’s a plus! The minus? The numbers don’t lie when it comes to the holiday cookie eating & boozing girl looking back at me in the mirror. The numbers on my squat were higher than expected, but so were the numbers on the measuring tape this morning. Someone pass me an egg white omelet.

WHY AM I STILL RAMBLING. Gotta take all these excess carbs to the squat rack!

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/26/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Mind and Body Kit ($58) in blooming pixie multi

I originally didn’t pay any mind to this when it first dropped, as it looked like just another overpriced zippy pouch. Once I saw it in store, I realized this is not a flimsy POS. It’s got a sturdy metal frame on the inside, and feels very heavy duty. Not to mention, it’s ROOMY. I want it, but I also don’t want my makeup to inevitably spill and ruin the pretty insides like all other ghosts of makeup cases past. Target makeup case it is. I am why I can’t have nice things.

Favorite #2: Toasty Tech Tight II ($118) in black/blooming pixie multi

I almost just called them the tasty tech tight. Whoops. Had I known that it was going to stay snow & ice-free in the northeast throughout the fall and into the beginning of winter, maybe I would have snapped a pair of these up after all. For those of you who like to run year round and won’t let a little snow or ice get in your way, these are a definite MUST HAVE. Meanwhile, I’ll be indoors at CrossFit and out of your way. Seawheeze isn’t until August… I’ve got plenty of time to get out of shape and back into it again. 🙂

Favorite #3: Strap It Like It’s Hot Tank ($64) in raspberry glo light

Tanks with the bra built in generally make me nervous that they’re not going to provide enough support. This one looks like it could actually get the job done, and lulu confidently states it’s made to provide medium support (read: Energy Bra level) to C/D cup ladies. Maaaaybe I give this a try in store?

Favorite #4: Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra ($54) in black

Following in the footsteps of the tank listed above, I like the looks of this one. WHY must the mall be so bananas today? The girl who wants to try this bra on, it’s ME!

Favorite #5: 5 Mile Long Sleeve ($78) in raspberry

This one’s priced about $10 higher than I would have guessed, but then again it features that anti-stink silverescent tech. The color is beautiful, the ruching in back is a nice cute touch. This one’s definitely going on the list of “things I may actually spend my Christmas $ on”. There’s a ton of black/gray in closets all across the world during the winter, and this would be a definite bright spot for all of us. 🙂

The Dud: Vent it Out Jacket ($138)

There’s just a little something off on this one. Perhaps it’s the mix of the solid black portions and a pattern that’s already heavily reliant on a black background. Water resistance is always a plus, as is the option for a cinched waist. But, the fun textured details like the perforated fabric/ribbed detailing on the back are overshadowed by the awkward blocking between patterned and solid paneling. If this drops in a solid color, this could easily move all the way up from a Dud to a Fave. IMHO, the pattern selection is the Achilles heel on this one. Doh!

Additional Notes

  • Here come the ever-loved Align Pant in a daringly light color: peacock blue. (According to WWL, the High Times will drop in this color next week)
  • Compression junkies, the Tight Stuff Tight actually looks pretty sharp in simply shadow wrap sapphire blue black. BONUS: dark patterns hide cellulite, yes they do!
  • The Run: Inspire Crop II isn’t totally dead yet. Still a new colourway or two being uploaded here and there.
  • It’s unfortunate the Pace Rival Crops in blooming pixie raspberry black/raspberry are fullux, because they look pretty snazzy, otherwise!
  • Speed Shorts got the short end of the stick on the blooming pixie multi train. Both the Tracker Short & Run Times Short came out in the full pattern, while the Speeds are raspberry with black piping and a patterned waistband. Awkward turtle!
  • Not gonna lie… I kind of want some Savasana Socks to wear around the house.

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy(ish) holiday season so far! Who else can’t wait to get into some new gear and get back on track in the fitness department?!


  1. It is killing me the speed shorts only have the blooming pixie on the waistband. Gorgeous pattern just to be hidden 🙁 I might have to seek out the run times and give those a try because I am adoring this pattern. Maybe patterned speeds will come out next week? lulu has done ish like that before!

  2. Tried on the 5 mile LS because finally with the watch opening but I did not like the fabric. It was kind of scratchy and thin. If we had gotten the peacock like Canada I likely would have used my gift cards on it anyway because it was super cute on and I love that color. Unrelated, the in store deals were a bust in my opinion. Way better deals the Monday after black Friday. So maybe this Monday? Fingers crossed!

    1. Are all three fabric styles scratchy? Thinness I like because I live in LA and, notwithstanding our ridiculously cold winter thus far, want something I can use in fall and spring. I will try one on in store…

      1. I’m also in LA so the thinness doesn’t bother me either (though I can’t lie, I am cold ALL the time so I still wear my warmer stuff when it’s in the 60s) but it was the feel of the material that I hated. It just didn’t feel soft or silky at all. I loved the fit, and the watch feature was the main reason I wanted it so that was great but the feel of the material really turned me off. I tried on the white design and the grey and both were like that. The pink one I think I touched but I don’t remember clearly how it felt.

  3. I just saw the LS &go everywhere dress is on eBay in inkwell, size 8 (item # 291649611263).

    I so wish it was a size 10 … tho it’s an auction and not a BIN, which always annoys me. Damn you instant gratification!

  4. I actually got the big duffel bag in the blooming pixie multi and im in LOVE! I was waiting for another amazing print for lulu and now I have it! I havent ADORED a print since The Secret Garden Yoga on the Fly Duffel

    1. Ooooh – I still don’t have a lulu duffel. Is it big? All of my CrossFit gear is filling up my old UA bag, and I’m considering upsizing!

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