5 Faves & a Dud: Apparently Went to the Beach (Updated 12/31)

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

WHAT. THE. Swimwear? Really?! I had a longgg work day and then met up with one of my college friends for the first time since graduation… Which was in 2007. Kinda sorta blanked on the fact that it’s Tuesday. So, I finally sit down vodka in hand to cruise the latest from where else but the hotel bar.

Upload. Seriously. Did someone gift you a cliche Sandals vaca for Christmas? First I see a plain black energy bra (which is the equivalent of a store’s grand re re re reopening), a funny leotard, then SWIM. So much swim. Did someone hit US instead of the Australia button by mistake?

Bahahaha. While I don’t actually watch Bob’s Burgers, I know just enough of one episode to remember THIS. I have no idea how my friends don’t think I’m the biggest dork on the planet. Oh wait, they likely do.

You mean I actually have to choose from this all and pick 5 favorites of warm weather attire while I’m visibly shaking from being so cold? (Note: Could also be the caffeine shakes.)

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/29/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Salty Swim Hipster ($48) in black/narrow bold stripe printed white black

I’m kind of cheating. I already own these from earlier this year. These are great quasi cheeky alternative if you’re too timid to wear Savage Swim in public. I am too timid to wear Savage Swim in public.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra ($42) in black* 

While on the topic of copping out and picking something I already own… OH GEE A BLACK ENERGY BRA. HOW FUN AND ORIGINAL. This is definitely part of the unofficial lulu starter kit.

*See Fave 2B in the updated section below

Favorite #3: Stop at Nothing Crop ($88) in black

Doesn’t look like much at first glimpse, but I like the covert dots on the back. Covert dots are fun. Tito’s & soda is also fun. Maybe I didn’t eat enough today or they were generous with the pour. Perhaps a buzz. Perhaps still the caffeine shakes.

Favorite #4: Tonight’s the Night Leotard ($88) in black

Hear me out on this one. This would look phenomenal with a pencil skirt under some high waisted pants. Logistics of having to pee, however, will be annoying.

This is when one of my coworkers met me down at aforementioned hotel bar last night and I quit writing, because socializing. To be continued.



THANK YOU for your patience while I got things updated and cleaned up. The WordPress app for iPhone doesn’t always make for nice-looking posts. Macbook, I missed you. <3

The TRUE Favorite #2: Vent it Bra ($58) in black

I was being a lazy snarky bum by putting the Energy Bra up there. This Vent It Bra should really be up there instead. Really liking the updated Energy Bra vibe it’s got going on, plus that peek of mesh in front.

I was running on ALL CYLINDERS on Tuesday. 25k steps on my FitBit and my mind and body running a mile a minute from the time I started working at 6:30a and finished my day just shy of 8pm. My brain was on the fritz. Sorry.

Favorite #5: All the Right Places Pant ($128) in black/cosmic dot white multi

While there is a slight Nike vibe going on here, the print is fun, yet subtle. Plus, the way it tapers into a triangle shape in the front is a nice touch. Now can a girl get an Energy Bra or some Speed Shorts in that print?

BONUS FAVE: Sweaty Endeavor Tank ($68)

This was about to show up in the other random notes section, but the more I checked this tank out, the more I liked it. Bending the rules because it’s my blog and #idowhatiwant. If you like the cosmic dot pattern above, give the Sweaty Endeavor Tank a chance. Sometimes, lulu does you a solid and makes the bra detachable, so it’s actually a two-fer. With 4 colors available you’ve got options.

The Dud: Pace Rival Crop ($88) in space dye twist naval blue peacock blue/peacock blue

There’s something about these that just isn’t doing it for me. The color blocking probably should have been in some darker color than peacock blue, it just looks out of place. Happy to see the stripe alignment issue seems to be fixed.

Other Random Notes

  • We’re seeing 2 new patterns in the fullux version of the Stop at Nothing Crop shown above, fleur sombre kayak blue dragonfly/black and fleur sombre desert olive fatigue green/black
  • The mini pop stripe dark fuel forage teal/heathered black Run With Me Gloves are fun. While not the warmest in the world, I love that the 2 pairs I do have snap together to help prevent losing their mate all the time. My mom got me the black ones for Christmas, and I can’t tell you how many times I would have lost one this week if it weren’t for the snaps. Texas was cold, y’all.
  • The new Sweaty Endeavor Tight is… interesting. It reminds me of the If You’re Lucky capsule from the spring. Much mesh. Got to love a plain high waist, though.
  • If you dare to rock the lighter colored flair, as mentioned last week, now the High Times Pant are available in Peacock Blue. I need to see this color in stores. It looks like a funny off-color version of bali breeze online. Must do in-store recon.
  • The Just Chillin’ Dress was in the running for the Dud this week. While I like the fun strappy detail from the front, the large mesh panel in the back seems a bit strange, plus the difference in length from front to back is a bit too much for my personal tastes. Looks like 2 different pieces of clothes from front vs back, and not in a good way.

Any Christmas gift cards fall casualty yet? I’m still hanging on to mine…


  1. the chick wearing the leotard thingy has the most forced smile ever LOL.

    that crop tho – i want it! i think ill go try it on. 🙂

    1. It’s always fun to figure out which pieces they like and read their facial expressions when they know the piece they’re modeling is a Dud.

      1. ooh you were in Tx? yep, we are having a strangely cool week. 🙂

        i tried on the stop at nothing crop today and i like it! but i didnt buy it. i actually didnt buy anything.

        i must be broken. 😀

  2. I actually added the Tonight’s the Night Leotard to my wishlist. I also see it being amazing with pants 🙂 I see a great potential 🙂

  3. I was unsure about the pace rivals too until I tried them on. Very flattering and the colors look good, especially with the 5 mile in peacock. Anyway, love your blog and your sense of humor!

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