IRL: Lululemon’s Lazurite


Not all blog posts need to be drawn out and wordy. With lazurite making the rounds in the last few weeks of lululemon’s uploads, I’ve received a few questions on how the color comes across in real life.

I’ve pulled the trigger on both the Pack it Down Again Jacket ($198) and Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve ($78), and here are a bunch of random photos/selfies of lazurite so you can see what it looks like outside of the internet.

IMHO, it’s purple… but maybe someone thinks it blue. I’m not here to start the next blue dress white dress argument, see for yourself 🙂

In addition to the two pieces I’ve already fallen for, other pieces currently available in lazurite include:

I’m beyond happy with this color in real life. It’s a pop of color that isn’t too IN YO FACE, but enough to break up the black & gray winter uniform.

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  1. I saw it in store today, and to my eyes, it’s a purple-ish blue lol. It’s gorgeous!! I would’ve sprung for the LS swiftly, but I bought two pairs of tights today and can’t afford another $80. Maybe in February if it’s in stock that long!

  2. It’s a happy color and it looks pretty on you. I have my fingers crossed that the Fast and Free 7/8 will come to the United States site in this color. 🤞 (It is available in the United Kingdom and I saw a pair on EBay. ).

    1. The random waits from the UK to the US can be anywhere from 1 -6 weeks, or never. I remember tearing my hair out for SIX WEEKS waiting for the pistachio CRB to come across the pond in 2015!

  3. I love this color! I need more running tights but I want to wear this shade close to my face! It looks so flattering on the blonde/blue eyes combo.

  4. Looks like Pigment Blue, my all-time favorite color from many moons ago. May need to get some items in that color since not too purply… Thanks for the pics!

  5. I love it on you! It’s a flattering color. When I saw it in store, I thought “electric purple.” It almost seems to glow. I definitely want an item or two in this color, I just can decide on what.

  6. Reminds me if bruised berry sort of as that color can look both blue and purple depending on the light. Thanks for doing this!

  7. I got my swiftly and speed up tights in this color today. The swiftly is definitely blue but sometimes leans purple depending on the light. However, the tights lean more purple for sure, so I think it’s a combo of both lighting and luxtreme on that one. Probably one of my fave colors LLL has put out.

    Also, just got my Sweaty Betty Infield pull over today. It is amazing. It was quite the splurge compared to my usual LLL purchases but definitely a keeper.

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