This Week’s (1st) Upload: As Illustrated by Bitmoji

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

THIS is what I get for trying to get a jump start on my weekly 5 Faves & a Dud list before upload happens. Silly me thinking upload would be on time this week. Lulu’s IT gremlins are at it again, mucking -ish up and keeping me up past my bedtime. Around 10:30p ET I gave up and went to sleep.

Of course I tweeted my usual YOOHOO @lululemon on Twitter to see what was up, and the responses were more generic than usual. I’m not entirely convinced whoever was manning the machine last night even knows what upload is. *facepalm*

IMG_7698So here I am on Wednesday morning trying to pretend it’s still Tuesday. Hop into your mental Delorean and keep on reading the rest of this post as if it is, indeed, still Tuesday. 3-2-1… GO.

Things are about to get real melodramatic up in here. It’s Tuesday. It’s ONLY Tuesday. This week is going by slower than molasses at the North Pole in December. You know what happens when I get annoyed over small stuff that I can’t change that I should just suck it up and deal with? The bitmoji come out. (If you don’t know what that means, it’s a kickass iPhone app that helps us all take life a lot less seriously than it should be.)

Catch the full upload here.

In honor of my favorite way to communicate by text (and her cute little holiday sweater), let’s go side by side on reacts, bitmoji style.

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/8/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Energy Bra *Exhale ($54) in black

Finally, solid black! The lack of no-frills solid colors kept this piece off the list last week, so I’m happy to see this one crack the top 5.

Favorite #2: Runderful Pant ($128) in black

Perhaps the 3rd time is going to be the charm. Yes, my quest for a water-repellent loose pant still continues. These don’t seem the most flattering on the model, but I’ve heard great things about them. They’re sitting in my shopping cart right now. Knowing how the Beat the Sleet Pant debacle went just last month, I should probably shut up and order sooner rather than later.

Favorite #3: Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($68) in heathered berry rumble

I’m beginning to wonder if I have a subconcious mental block from buying swiftlies that aren’t blue. My first ever was heathered scream green, but since then, the other 3 swiftlies I got this year have been fresco blue, tranquil blue and heathered sapphire blue. How about this pretty color and reasonably fun stripes to cure my blues? Wish listed.

Favorite #4: Align Pant ($98) in bordeaux drama

Want? Yes. Need? No. Why? Because the Wine Berry WUPs came out first. Dammit lulu. I wish I could lease pants. Trade them in for a newer model every few months. That would be awesome.

Favorite #5: High Times Pant ($98) in dramatic static white black

I’ve got a slight moral opposition to dramatic static white black. Why? Because the pattern is full of lies. While it looks woven, it’s actually printed on white luon. But, it sneaks onto the list because I have always been a sucker for the High Times Pant and they still look pretty sharp.

The Dud: Base Runner Pant III ($108) in tonka stripe black heathered slate/black

Well, the good news is that it was a bit of a challenge to pick out something I really didn’t like this week. These earn Dud status for me, just because I can tell you right now they won’t work with my body type. A drop crotch is just a pair of pants that renders itself totally useless in helping to combat chub rub. Rulu is great and all, but I wouldn’t plan on leaving the house in these.

Additional Notes

  • The brand new Snowballer Jacket narrowly missed the top 5, with its ruching on the back and detail surrounding the zip front.
  • I’m giving up. I have waited for that navy blue long-sleeved &Go Where to LS Dress to come stateside for weeks. The last time I waited this long was the annoyingly long 5-week delay in releasing the pistachio CRB overseas and here.
  • DRATS. I missed the new herringbone Daily Practice Jacket in my first once over of this week’s goodies. I WANT THIS!
  • Not only was upload late this week, it was pretty small. Last week had 69 items on the landing page, this time it was only 47.
  • I envision the berry rumble Define Jacket *Shine-On selling out quickly. It’s gorgeous.
  • There’s just something off about the Runderful 1/2 Zip for me. It looks warm/cozy and all, but the dark domed detail along the bottom hem catches my eye in a strange way.
  • The Think Fast Hoodie reminds me of a ski lodge. I don’t know why. I was looking at old photos of my 2014 trip to Aspen last night and found myself actually wanting snow. Yeah, I’m going to blame that.
  • I got temporarily excited by the name of the Align & Define LS tee, thinking it was Nulu. It’s not.
  • More summer leftovers in the Kanto Catch Me Tank, in flash light. No idea why they sat on this of all colors for such a while, it would have sold a bunch when it was warmer outside.
  • Speaking of spring/summer leftovers, not sure if this is a resurgence of jewelled magenta or more boxes that were forgotten on the dock back in May, but Free to Be *Wild Bra lovers will be happy to see it in JM now, with nice blue-ish complementary straps.
  • Usually I pass right on over this design, but the space dye camo black dark slate Speed Tight IV totally caught my eye this week.
  • There’s a new pattern coming into the fold, static mist white black/black, which we are seeing first on the Pace Tight, Tracker Short III and the waistband of the Speed Tight IV *Brushed.
  • The Down for a Run Vest keeps on coming, this time in Berry Rumble! We’re up to 5 available colors online.

No compulsive shopping at first glance for me. Wish listed a few items, kind of want to try on the Runderful Pant first. Tags are still on the pigment wind WUCs from last week. Can’t have both. Decisions, decisions.


  1. 1. Bitmojis are the best
    2. These uploads are soooo small. Got my hopes up for nothing.
    3. Where is the hustle and bustle jacket and the black heathered bordeaux LS swiftly? I thought those were on ‘what we love’ 2 weeks ago; did i confuse WWL with a sneak peek from another country? I want those 2 pieces so badly!!

    1. I don’t know how I communicated with anyone pre-bitmoji. One of my favorite apps EVAR. Haven’t seen those pieces over in the US yet, but I do know the jacket’s up overseas.

  2. bitmojis ftw.

    im glad i wont ever need the runderfuls. because tropical weather.

    BUT I WANT THE ALIGNS in bordeaux drama. so pretty.

    i need another pair of workout pants like i need a third thumb though….

  3. This might be my favorite upload review yet. 🙂

    I just had to pull the trigger on those bordeaux aligns – I waited on the gator green ones and now they’re sold out. I also love my Think Fast hoodie from last year, so I grabbed the herringbone one to try.

    Thought you would appreciate this: everything I’m wearing today to work is Lulu except my socks, underwear, and outer jacket. I’m rocking my Alberta lake boyfriend pants, black and gray CRB, new Shine On Define jacket in black (LOVE), and alberta lake/gray striped vinyasa. 🙂 Workout clothes for the win!

  4. Are you going to be doing a review of your new pants (the pigment wave multi ones)? I’m curious about sheerness/amount of white vs colour (all that jazz), and I highly doubt my store will have it for me to try on when I run by tomorrow.
    Definitely picking up the Runderful Pant (assuming it fits) and whatever the new name for the Bang Buster is (Fringe Fighter?). Dying for the Sapphire and Cranberry/Bordeaux/whatever reddish shade of the High Rise WUPs (full-on luon) but I know I’ll just end up getting upset when they start pilling between my thighs and stretching out.

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