5 Faves & a Dud: Upload.2

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Lulu, I’m on to you. I got all excited for double drops at first. But with the size of the last few uploads, it’s becoming evident that we’re not getting twice as much new gear, they’re just divvying up the weekly batch into two.

Let’s see if I can actually pick out 5 things this time… seeing that last week’s upload.2 list ended up including vodka and noisy business travelers in Jersey City.

5 Faves & a Dud – 12/10/15

Favorite #1: Fluffed Up Vest ($138) in boom juice/bleached coral

The fact that it’s boom juice and not berry rumble is a dead giveaway that these vests must have been sitting in boxes in the warehouse from last year’s run. Limited quantities would make sense to why they’re only being sold online this year, without being sent out to stores. It’s still gorgeous and I still want it. You know, even though I already have a black one.

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback ($42) in heathered forage teal

Hey there, pretty little thang. How YOU doin? 😉

Favorite #3: Om the Day Bag ($128) in millie mesh embossed dark slate

While technically this went up Tuesday, I’m including it in round 2. A cute way to tote all your crap around.

Favorite #4: Passage to Prana Sweater ($158) in heathered black

They chose the wrong color to feature on the what’s new page. Take the contrasts out and you have a nice thick sweater with a bonus feature that I like on both some older Banana Republic sweaters I have and the Vinyasa Scarf = SNAPS. Sometimes you want to wear a turtleneck. Sometimes turtlenecks choke you out. This helps fix that. Woooo! #pleasecometoWMTM

Favorite #5: Homemade Truffle Bacon Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese

IMG_1939We had a comfort food themed pot luck at work today and I made this beauty FROM SCRATCH. Toot my own horn I must. You knew my mind was going to wander. Not my fault Thursday uploads aren’t leaving me much to work with.

The Dud: Wunder Under Pant III ($98) in deep dive dip berry rumble black

2015-12-11 DipDyeIf I wanted Nike tights, I’d save myself $30 and buy Nike tights. Dip dyed patterns like these tend to be a lot of dye on lighter luon, so the fuzz factor is a real risk. It’s what prevented me from moving in on those dip dye houndstooth WUPs last year. Also, the contrasting stitching up top isn’t doing this design any favors.


  1. those wunder unders are giving me vertigo. 😛

    i like the om the day bag & the vest. but like you, i also have a black one. i cant pull the trigger, even if ive had the blue denim fluffin’ awesome vest in my cart on & off since cyber monday.

    #firstworldproblems, i kno. 😀

  2. I have the Boom Juice vest from last year. The trim is slightly different, but from the outside, looks the same. Still a fave of mine and if you need encouragement that two vests are better than one, I have the Alberta lake one, too…..

    1. If they drop this one in navy, I’ll totally bite. I’ve been kicking myself lately for not having gotten a blue vest earlier in the season!

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