The Fitting Room: Toasty Tech Tight II


It’s December. It’s the season of hot chocolate & cold temperatures. (Well, it should be. It was in the high 50’s today outside… so I didn’t even wear a jacket.)

However, there are parts of the country that have already seen that pesky frozen white stuff fall from the sky, meaning your ol’ reliable Wunder Unders aren’t going to cut it when it comes to taking things outside.

The Fitting Room: Toasty Tech Tight II ($118)

The Toasty Tech Tight II isn’t exactly a new drop, so I apologize for not having written this review up sooner. I tried on black grape a couple weeks ago, but it seems that only black is currently available online. (You never know, a store trip may still yield a little bit of luck – I thought I was totally toast on the heathered slate Energy Bra until it showed up in NYC last week.)

The most notable characteristic about the Toasty Techs is the fabric. It’s THICK… which means they are indeed toasty. I think I had them on for about 42 seconds before feeling notably warm.

They’re a full-length tight with a few snazzy pockets throughout. There’s a side pocket in the waistband, along with a zippered side pocket. The only odd part was the criss-crossed stitching detail on the side. Given the tighter fit of the pants, I was afraid to yank these up holding the part of the pants with the detail because I didn’t want to pull and pop the threads.

Going along with the engineered sensation gimmick that lulu is continuing on with, they fall into the ‘hugged’ category, the same as Wunder Unders. That said, they fit slightly on the snug side of true to size. Whatever size you take in the WUP, I still recommend using to order the Toasty Tech.

At the end of the day, I didn’t buy these tights for the sole reason that instead of running outside; my winter WODS happen indoors and in Speed Shorts. If a few snowflakes don’t keep you in the cozy confines of home, then these are an investment for winter workouts that you won’t regret.


  1. Did you find these pants to be shiny/glittery at all? I’ve seen a couple reviews and photos that specifically mention this but perhaps it has to do with getting the incorrect size?

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