The Fitting Room: Pace Tight *Lights Out


Sometimes you know the ice is thin, and choose to skate anyway. This is my adventure to New York City that resulted in a kickass try-on session of the limited edition Lights Out capsule, and almost one very expensive decision.

The Fitting Room: Pace Tight *Lights Out ($298) in black/ravish reptile silver black


As anyone who knows me or regularly reads this blog knows, I’m easily distracted by shiny objects. The Lights Out capsule has been no exception to this rule, ever since the first publicity photos were released shortly before Thanksgiving.

Upon first release of the photos, I had reservations of the breathability of the Lights Out gear. I scored 2013’s Run: Reflective Jacket (pictured below) at an outlet for 1/3 of the price, and don’t wear it often given the fact it gets pretty sweaty in there.

You’ll notice that there is ZERO breathability in this jacket. I was very happy to see that Lululemon’s 2015 approach to reflectivity involved a dot matrix printed onto a solid fabric.

When you’re not caught in someone’s headlights or flash photography, the print is somewhat subtle. Given that they’re full-on luxtreme, there was a bit of a shimmy to get in.

Not a fan of fullux, I’m surprised that these pants felt better than usual. Perhaps black fullux isn’t so bad, and it’s the shiny white kind that always gets printed on that annoys me so much.

Anyhow, having not tried on this style before in any colourway, the Pace Tight is a good tight fit with a perfect length for my 5’9″ frame. Then again, they could have been good and tight because this pair was sized down. They only had an 8 and a 12 in stock (I prefer a 10), I tried on the 8’s. If you’re on the shorter side, these will end up being full-length on you.

As expected, these pants were slick. Up close, you wonder how the reptile pattern shows up, because the dots seem like they are all the same color. Mentally zoom out to see then fun.

…and then it was time. Time for flash photography. It was AWESOME.


Ohhh man. Man oh man oh man oh man. I couldn’t get enough once I lit them up with the flash.

I’m all riled up just going back through the photos and putting this post together. I still agree that the price is astronomical. You have to question your own sanity when you seriously contemplate buying a piece of activewear for that much coin. Just to put it in perspective…


At the end of the day, I didn’t end up buying them. If I’m going to impulsively spend far too much money to #treatyoself, it’s going to be on the right size for me. I’m hopeful that these make it to WMTM, because if the price drops I will be ALL OVER these like white on rice.

However, I can’t stop thinking about them. My boss even called our upcoming holiday bonus ‘something to help your lululemon fund’.

Maaaaaaybe they will make it into my closet after all? Time will tell.

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  1. ill take the tiffany ring for $250, Alex (sorry, jeopardy nerd here).

    i tried them on. theyre awesome on, and yes, they are full length (and then some) on me.

    but i dont need a pair of $322,56 workout pants. but its so shinyyyy!

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