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Where’s the 2015 Holiday Shopper?

Last year, lulu released some kickass black/white/gray cloth holiday shoppers in December, which I still use constantly.

Expecting another dose of awesome, I was really excited to when lulu previewed their 2015 holiday shoppers on Snapchat back in October. 

A basic black with one large tan band around the middle, the new shoppers weren’t the jazziest. But still, I found them a welcome change from the repetitive red & white that we all have a huge pile of in the corner at home.   
It’s now December, and I haven’t seen a single black & tan. However, last week’s trip to NYC yielded yet another recent limited edition, the ‘Permanence of Movement’ design, inspired by Heather Hansen.

 So, the question I’ve got is a simple one:

Has anyone seen the holiday shoppers in stores yet?

4 thoughts on “Where’s the 2015 Holiday Shopper?”

  1. got one today w/ a wmtm order. its cute. but what’s cuter is the zone in tight in dark slate. i never expected to love these pants but i do – ended up getting 3 tights & a crop.


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