5 Faves & a Dud: Cyber Monday Style

5 Faves & a Dud

Le retail madness is winding down, my friends! I’m a bit late on recapping last night’s special edition upload, I know. But I wasn’t expecting a prolific WMTM update, so I had to prioritize how I was going to spend my lunch hour today. Sharing discounted deals won out. So here it is, my rather delayed list top picks of lulu’s latest. Blame the leftover turkey I ate. Tryptophan. Not really. That’s a myth.

5 Faves & a Dud – Cyber Monday Style (11/30/15 Upload)

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) *Shine On ($88) in jewelled magenta/pigment wind white multi

Why. Are. These. So. AWESOME! Lighter colors tend to lend themselves to some unflattering shadows on me, and these are on the cusp. Curse you, cellulite! Dark colors and I are BEST FRANDS.

Favorite #2: Align Pant ($98) in gator green

More colored Aligns! YAS. Sitting in my shopping cart, oh yes they are. While the sapphire blue aligns didn’t work for me due to the squishy reason listed above, these fit squarely into the DARK category. I’m a fan. Like… yay and stuff.

Favorite #3: Fluffed Up Jacket ($198) in berry rumble/heathered herringbone heathered berry rumble bordeaux drama

FluffedUpJacketWhat a long ass name for a pink jacket. But it’s a really really beautiful pink jacket. I’m trying to tell myself I don’t need a new jacket, but as the temps drop the Go the Distance Jacket leaves something to be desired as far as insulation goes. But my Christmas bonus is coming soon. Geezus, listen to me trying to rationalize already.

Favorite #4: Sunshine Coast Long Sleeve ($108) in fatigue green

I liked the style of this one on WWL, but the gray color didn’t wow me. This fatigue green is a *perfect* neutral for all sorts of casual winter outfits. AGH I want this one too. Pardon me while I hover over that “Add to Cart” button. Also, because thumbholes.

Favorite #5: Down for a Run Vest ($138) in white

OH EM EFFIN’ GEE they actually called a color by its plain generic societally-recognized name. White. I would get this thing so dirty, but a girl can dream. The plain white looks SHARP.

The Dud: Purist Cycling Water Bottle ($18)

WaterBottleFor the zillion free ones we all get through various fitness events and random giveaways all the time, WHY would anyone pay $18 for a water bottle that doesn’t have any insulation at all? Not necessary.

Go do your rear end a favor and buy a pair of the Light as Air Hipster with those $18 instead.

Additional Notes

  • Last year’s Feelin’ Frosty Softshell has returned! I really liked this jacket last year, but just couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge with that price. Then, once  I found it in store on sale, the weather was finally warming up and $150 still felt like a lot of money.
  • Two of my staple pieces received the *Shine On treatment: the Cool Racerback and the Energy Bra.
    • The CRB features thinned straps and half of the back panel in mesh (don’t wear that while doing abmat situps)
    • The Energy’s straps were rearranged attractively in the back, but the front silhouette is a bit more straight instead of a halter-ish neckline, so it may not jive with other tanks you may have in your arsenal.
  • That said, I did try on the Nouveau Limits Tank over the weekend in Memphis, which is essentially an SE Energy Bra with some fabric draped over it. For what it’s worth for the more endowed ladies out there, it felt decently supportive.
  • The *Shine On Wunder Under Pants feature a whole lot of mesh down the back. A whole lot of mesh I’d probably stick a finger through by accident. I’m good for doing stuff like that.
  • Ah, the Define Jacket. The *Shine On version is pretty much a plain black Define with a cute little tuxedo-ish flare on the back. Still doesn’t change the choking turtleneck-ish thing it does to me.
  • More classic patterns going the Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pant route, now the herringbones. I wish Hi-Rise was a bigger more popular thing when I first got mine. #firstworldproblem

Oh goodness. It’s one of those uploads where I start to ramble on and on and on. Time for intermission!

Here’s a kitchen hack with an accompanying picture of my lazy woman’s protein-jacked dinner. What to do when Trader Joes’ Chicken Fried Rice doesn’t contain enough protein for ya? ADD IN EGG WHITES. Win.

Also, take a few minutes to have a dance party to this song. I can’t stop bopping around to this song. Sorry if the widget is big and clunky. It’s WordPress’s fault.


  • While the different sheen on the panels on the Down Right Cozy Pullover doesn’t do it for me, it still looks WAY WARM.
  • While it’s a small detail, I can’t stop dwelling on the scalloped edges around the bottom hem of the otherwise pretty Runderful LS. That, plus those strangely long sleeves (a la the Kanto Catch Me LS) make another appearance.
  • Did the crate of banana leaf blush quartz Wild Tanks fall off the boat and wash up on shore last week, 4 months later than all the other banana leaf blush quartz gear?
  • The Enhearten Tank doesn’t look all too jazzy in front, but the back is just classic, simple and flattering.
  • Hey there, 3-Strap All Sport Bra! I like the All Sport. Comfy flat straps FTW.
  • They don’t even have a jazzy name, but the Relaxed Fit Pant would be a great post-gym layer. Why am I so picky about asymmetrical butt pockets? These pants lose a point for having one butt pocket.
  • The Run: Inspire Crop won’t go down without a fight! Still a few new colors being uploaded in both Luxtreme and Fullux.
  • Speaking of the Inspires, their successor, the Pace Rival Crop is hitting it out of the park in solid berry rumble.
  • As much as I’m not into skirts, the Pace Rival Skirt II deserves a shoutout because now there’s one in Kayak blue. I am loving the kayak blue CRB that recently dropped. By ‘loving’ I mean ‘totally wearing it right now’.
  • Nothing crazy new in the scarf, hats & gloves section.

Hokay… I think I’m finished with the notes now. Congratulations if you made it this far down the page.

Oh yeah. That’s my bitmoji in a sweet Christmas sweater.

How did everyone fare with Cyber Monday deals? While the Aligns & jacket are tempting, there’s nothing that made me jump to making an immediate purchase. Who out there found some wardrobe enhancements in this week’s batch?


  1. I got the Go the distance in mountain peaks from wmtm yesterday and am pretty happy about it! Love the berry rumble pace rivals but need to spend my running gear $ on warm things ( full length tights) as we head into winter.

    1. If you haven’t already gotten them, you’ll love the Toasty Tech Tights for cold cold temps. I tried them on recently and they were crazy warm!

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