You Didn’t Get Fat, Your New Swiftly LS Shrunk


So I’m not losing my mind. Just laid out the brand new heathered sapphire blue Swiftly over the fresco blue Swiftly from this spring.

Also… Apologies for the blog spam today. This is what happens when you get a rare opportunity to leave early.

Laid flat matching armpit to armpit, there is a noticeable difference.

 You didn’t get fat, lulu shrunk the shirt!


  1. OK GOOD!! i bought the fun camo-esque weird stripey print one in my TTS and didn’t bother trying it on bc duh i have like a million and it was SO SMALL. I actually went through the trash to find the tag bc i thought i must have accidentally bought the wrong size. Then I thought maybe it was because of the print…then I assumed I was eating too many donuts. I was planning on getting the new dark blue tonight so perhaps I will actually try it on!

  2. Ah glad this wasn’t just me! Tried on my normal size in store and thought ‘oh that’s not my best look’ and left it there. Might have to try the size up as it’s such a pretty color!

    1. I’m absolutely in love with the heathered sapphire blue. No matter what the number on the tag says, I’d recommend snapping one up before it’s too late!

    1. Methinks I’ll wear the heathered sapphire one tomorrow, so I’ll have to snap a few pics to compare! A new Swiftly 10 fits like an old 8, but with more stretch.

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