The Fitting Room: 5 Year Yogini LS / Heathered Raspberry Glo Light Swiftly LS


That’s a long post title, Batman. Sorry. Not my fault lulu likes to turn “pink” into a complicated 3-word application, “raspberry glo light”. This time, let’s focus on long sleeved shirts.

Neither of these styles are a new kid on the block and, in fact, I already own both in different colourways released last winter. However, sometimes you just need to play around color schemes and see if they fit & feel the same as you think they will.

5 Year Yogini Long Sleeve Tee ($68) in Heathered Tender Violet

If you have yet to buy one of these shirts, know that they run quite loose. Shown here is an 8… as you can see, lulu’s very generous with the fabric on this style.

Made from Pima Cotton, it’s a thinner fabric that’s still Rulu soft. There are thumbholes to add to the cozy factor, despite that the shirt itself really won’t keep you very warm at all.


Despite the fact that I’m generally a fan of this tee (shoot, I slept in my older one last night), the color is a bit more faded than it appears online. I would recommend checking it out in store first, if you have that luxury.

Having almost ordered this top online, I’m glad to have seen it in person before pulling the trigger. The color wasn’t quite working for me, so  this store trip saved me $68 and made me delete this one from my shopping cart. Perhaps I’ll revisit if it appears on WMTM.

Swiftly Tech LS Crew ($68) in Heathered Raspberry Glo Light

I need someone who’s purchased a Swiftly LS in the last 3 weeks to tell me I’m nuts or reconfirm the fact that the latest releases seem a bit more elastic and are a bit more fitted than their predecessors.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Anyhow, I thought I liked this shirt. I thought the contrasting patterns would be fun. I thought the color would be a good time. Welp, as soon as I put this one on, not only did it feel tighter (yet more elastic) than the rest of my Swiftlies, it also screamed one word at me… loudly: IVIVVA.

If I were a high school or college girl, I’d be all over this one like white on rice. I’m in my 30’s. Trying to move AWAY from the Lisa Frank vibe, not towards it. Pass.


  1. YAS the ls swiftly in raspberry glo light seems tighter than the usual swifly. i tried my usual size and while i felt i could pull it off, it felt almost excessivly compressive. but since i have a small upper body, the size up was loose in the neck and torso. im glad it didnt work for me though since — that color. nope. can’t do it.

  2. LOL on the Lisa Frank reference. Gosh did I have a lot of that stuff when I was a kid. Anyway, I know the patterned swiftlies run tighter than their non-patterned counterpart, so that could be what it is.

    1. I just read the post before this one, about the sapphire blue swiftly. So not a patterned thing… get it together lulu!! not hard to make sizing consistent!

      1. Yeahhh I may have written them in backwards order – that’s what I get for scheduling a post a day ahead of time only to be so surprised by the new blue one’s fit that I rushed to post about it ASAP!

        You’re not losing your mind, I need to get my Delorean fixed.

  3. yah, i was chatting with the lulu peeps about the sizing and they confirmed that the new ones are a different material…more like the men’s mesh shirts so they are stretchier…which is perhaps why the sizing is more snug…although i notice the stretchiness a lot more in the solid colors than the patterned one that you tried on above. the heathered black sapphire one is to die for though. wearing it today and love the new fabric.

    1. I’m with you in that I *do* like the new fabric, was just surprised by the difference in fit overall.

      After trying on both the crazy pattern and buying the heathered sapphire blue, the fit felt the same in both = tight 🙂

  4. I think the heathered tender violet looks good on you. I bought this top in heathered regal plum and I really like the deep rich colour. I agree with you that they were generous in the amount of fabric. I sized down to a 4 from my regular 6 because I liked the fitted look better than the looser size 6 fit. What I would really like is the heathered raspberry vintage pink in this top that the UK has, hopefully it makes it to Canada. It’s nice to see LLL adding some nice colours to this style of top.

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