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Yup, you read that right. DOUBLE UPLOADS begin this coming Tuesday, and that means with 2x the newness, there’s going to be 2x the 5 Faves & a Dud madness coming you way between now and the end of the holiday season.

What We Love – 11/23/15 Upload

WWL1If you’re a fan of the latest purple incarnation of flashback static and the Energy Bra wasn’t enough, here’s a Scuba to match!WWL2 copy

Really liking the color, Berry Rumble. The curved seams in the front and back give it a bit of a Scuba vibe, without the hood. I bet this sucker is warm. I want it.

I like where the designer’s head was at with this one, but it doesn’t feel 100% complete with the weave taking up only part of the triangular panel on the lower leg. Between the Fleece Out Jacket and these, I am happy to see a brighter (yet appropriately wintry) color. Gray can turn into mood-killer sometimes.WWL3 copy

…if the Scuba didn’t have a hood. I really like the higher collar on the Radiant Jacket, and appreciate the fact that it doesn’t look too constricting around the neck. That’s one of my main complaints about the Define Jacket and why I don’t think I’ll ever buy one. Those things choke you out!WWL3

Hey there, Black Grape. How YOU doin’? These are going on my short list. <3WWL4

For those of us who insist on CrossFitting in Speed Shorts in the dead of winter, here’s your go-to post gym layer. Warm fabric, and a relaxed fit so things don’t get awkwardly bunchy. Nobody ever likes when their clothes are awkwardly bunchy.

Check out Katelin’s original post for the official commentary.


    1. Thanks girl 🙂
      They must have just updated that while I was at Thanksgiving stop #2! I checked around 5p and no new updates… willing to bet it went up with the Black Friday upload of new gear.

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