Don’t Be THAT Girl.


20151117_Feature1.pngWe all know That Girl at the box. The one who takes shortcuts when you head outside to run. You’ll know her by how she turns around to come back before she hits the end of the road. She also may be the girl who writes Rx next to her WOD results, when you know her chin didn’t clear the plane of the bar on her pull-ups. Her Filthy 50 must also have been a Fakie 40. (NO, girlfriend, you’re not faster on that benchmark than Annie Thorisdottir.)

Sh*t That Girl Does…

  • Toes Near Bar, instead of Toes TO Bar. Yout toes must make contact with the bar or that -ish doesn’t count. Same goes for Chest to Bar pull-ups.
  • She doesn’t break parallel on squats or thrusters, just so she can hit those ‘big’ numbers.
  • She scales Rx weight she’s capable of, just so she can have the fastest WOD time on the whiteboard.
  • [Insert here whatever your box’s That Girl does that annoys you.]

As I start getting back into post-injury CrossFit, I’m not going to lie to myself that I’m back in tip top shape and cut corners just to get a result that feels like I’m better than I really am. I’ve been testing weights in the past week or so, and I’m at about 85% capacity of my true 1RMs. I want to be 100%, but the truth is that I’m not, and to get back there it’s going to take WORK.

The only person you’re cheating when you fake a rep or count one that you know isn’t legit is yourself. While I could say I’m too busy worrying about my results than giving a fck about yours, that’s clearly not the case if I’m rambling.

As I remind myself to make sure that I take the boring and slow but LEGITIMATE route back to 100%, I write this because it pisses me off that I don’t see others doing the same.

This is the sort of rant that usually comes up as Open Season rolls around, so why am I writing this now?

Welp, I chose now so that we all remember to train how we plan to compete. It is competition season right now, and the Open always comes faster than we think it will. Don’t put your judge in a tricky spot come 16.1. If you kinda sorta miss a rep in training now, nobody’s looking over your shoulder with a scorecard in hand. Sooner or later, there will be.


Video tape your thrusters & squats, be honest about if you’re breaking parallel. Same with HSPU, TTB & C2B pull-ups. Start nitpicking yourself NOW, instead of putting your judge in a bad spot later.

The only results you get are the ones that you work for. PRs are earned, not lucked into. Your training will take over, only if you train right.

For the love of luon, don’t be THAT GIRL.

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