This Week’s Upload: Doesn’t Include That Dress

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Since last week, I’ve been impatiently waiting for upload in hopes that the LS &Go dresses make their way stateside. Totally changing my tune, now I can’t wait until TOMORROW evening.

Why? Because I’m getting familiar with barbells again and my muscles are tight AF. Oh hai what’s this on my calendar for tomorrow evening? A massage appointment. I’m a hot mess that even a rumble roller can’t fix. Come on Wednesday.

Side note re: being a hot mess & running outside in chillier temps. I did a 5-miler in 42 degree weather on Saturday, and the wind was brisk. said it felt like 34 out. Said wind HURT MY INNER EARS to the point I had to stop and walk for a little bit halfway through. Does this happen to anyone else?

Until then, ooooh look some new clothes for me to judge! Although, NO DRESS. Not happy. Who are we kidding, I still bought some stuff. Why? Because lulu uploaded SO MUCH FUN NEW STUFF this week!

5 Faves & a Dud – 11/17/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback ($42) in raspberry glo light

RGLCRBIf Elle Woods died and returned to us in the form of a tank top. Rumor has it that the last time this color dropped, it bled and made laundry-doers all over the country unhappy. I am on the fence. While I very much like this color, I need a CRB like I need a hole in the head. I just counted yesterday, I already have 14 or 15. Time to exercise some self control, here.

Favorite #2: Face the Frost 1/2 Zip ($108) in black grape

FaceFrostI’m normally not one for half zips, but this one caught my eye. This is one of those times where I can’t sit here and explain 14 ways until Tuesday why I like it. I just do. Pretty color, practical piece. Win.

Favorite #3: Swiftly LS Crew ($68) in heathered sapphire blue

SwiftlySapphireL-O-V-E how they took this color and heathered it onto the darker side with black, instead of the usual white. They ruined fuel green by going white, so this makes me happy. So happy, I dove into this month’s lulu money for it. Looking forward to matching this with my royal blue/gray striped vinyasa scarf and knit beanie from last season. Wahoo!

Favorite #4: Vinyasa Scarf ($48) in space dye camo tender violet black grape

VinyasaScarfSpeaking of the ever so lovely Vinyasa scarf… this latest colourway is neutral but not too neutral. Girly but not too girly. If Goldilocks needed a scarf for winter, she’d pick this one. Hey look, I’m blonde like Goldilocks. Coincidence? Yes. Absolutely. Shut up Katy, we can tell you had a few beers with dinner.

Favorite #5: Beat the Sleet Pant II ($118) in black

Sorry, but sometimes you just need to be a functional human being in need of some cute well-fitting rain gear. At times, my job shoves me outside doesn’t care how hot/cold/wet/dry it is outside. This pick may leave some of you scratching your heads, but there are seriously on my watch list.

The Dud: Meshed Up Short ($58) in fleur sombre white silver fox/white

MeshedUpFirst instinct was to slam the astronomical price tag on the &Go Cityfarer Skirt ($118!!!), but that’s not what The Dud is all about. It’s about what the hell you couldn’t sell me even if you were trying to pawn it off for $9 at a warehouse sale. Which in this week’s case would be… a pair of these shorts.

Additional Notes

  • Super High Times in bordeaux drama, where were you when I needed you a month ago? Too late now, the wine berry WUPs and I are very happy together. Really, though, I’m wearing them RIGHT NOW.
  • So excited to see that the raspberry glo light Energy Bra hasn’t been ruined with contrasting straps! Now if only the Speed Shorts were the same way… can’t win them all.
  • I spy some OLD SCHOOL lulu! The black/shadow wrap multi/tender violet WUCs feature a fun paneled waistband that I thought had unjustly died and gone to lulu heaven. Happy to see it return 🙂
  • Forage teal is still going strong, available in the quite popular High Times Pant and new Splendour Bra
  • Speaking of greens, the Swiftly Tech Racerback pops up in Jungle.
  • Love me the pair of Rebel Runners I got last year, and they are enjoying quite the comeback this fall. The latest to drop is a giant herringbone black grape/tender violet combo.
  • More jewelled magenta coming out of the woodwork! I’m not mad about it, because I love the color. The JM Energy Bra is one of my favorites. The latest JM drop comes in the form of the newer All the Right Places Crop.
  • I’ll be incredibly shocked if the smurf –I mean– kayak blue Wunder Under Pants aren’t sheer.
  • I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the latest printed Speed Shorts to join the family: biggie fleur sombre caspian blue black/black.


  • Like I mentioned before, the &Go Cityfarer Skirt is obnoxiously priced. You can get RAIN-PROOF PANTS or a luon miniskirt for the same amount of cash. Whut.
  • More space dye fun this week: Hi-Rise WUCs in diamond jacquard space dye jungle forage teal.
  • Lulu’s skivvy game came on strong this week, with new colors in each of their 4 mainstays. At risk of TMI, I bought another pair of the Light as Air Hipster – the tender violet is just such a great color!
  • While I haven’t tried a pair on, Agent Athletica swears by the Toasty Tech Tight II, so I’ll go ahead and say to take her word for it. Now available in black grape.
  • The fleur sombre white silver fox Jet Crop (Slim) look awfully out of place in such a wintry drop. I think they missed the point of ‘winter whites’.
  • Between the Savasana Sock and the Falling Freely Leg Warmer, I keep thinking they’re just selling the kickass stirrup WUPs that look the same. Gah, I love those pants.
  • Tender violet lovers, get your heathered fix of comfy in the latest Cotton Hi-Rise WUP.
  • AGH! Only now seeing the kayak blue CRB. Gah I need that too!

My brain is short-circuiting. I can’t handle all of this excitement. Just go cruise upload for yourself. I can’t. I’m done. I need to go strategize some spending.

Is anyone else LULULOSING their mind over this week’s new goodies?!


  1. I got the same heathered black sapphire LS swiftly. LOVE! Nothing else for me this week, which is good because my wallet needed a break. Would have gotten the Kayak CRB except I just bought a great quality used one in Spry Blue, which is super similar.

    1. Upload went up *just* as I was heading out to dinner last night, so I only raced through super quick at first, resulting in the Swiftly and the LIA Hipster.

      Then, I went back afterwards to wrap my brain around ALL that had uploaded… I can’t get the Beat the Sleet Pant out of my head. I must own those. Oh and the kayak blue CRB. Oh and a bunch of other stuff that I really shouldn’t be throwing myself in debt for.

      Those Beat the Sleet Pants though… easily sit at the top the I MUST GO BACK AND BUY list.

      1. If you do get the Beat the Sleet pants, please tell us how they fit. I’m also interested in those pants but with the price tag, I would rather know how they fit before buying them!

  2. I have read your review for the wine berry WUPs and you mentioned they were sheer.I really like the color , but i want to wear it to the gym.Do you think they would be see through in a squat position?

  3. Thanks for your answer , it was very helpful.I will wait if the Bordeaux Stirrup Wunder Under Pants make it to the European site (i have the black and they are perfect and totally opaque).I saw you wearing the Herringbone ones and they looked great on you.

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