What We Love: Will They &Go and Upload That Dress Already?

What We Love

Does it ever happen to you where you just LOSE your mojo for something completely out of the blue? I used to be all about cooking (hell, I kept a food blog for 2 1/2 years), but now I’m besties with Trader Joe and his premade options. I have ZERO enthusiasm for cooking anymore, to the point where I barely even try.

So little enthusiasm that I began writing this post YESTERDAY and was so MEH about my breakfast that I walked away from the laptop for the day and tackled the massive laundry monster instead. Now I don’t even know where the hell I was going with that opener.

Side note re: the laundry thing. Has anyone ever gotten SO behind on laundry that you had to stop mid-endeavor because your line dry lulu caused a backup on the drying rack? Because that definitely happened to me this weekend.

Geezus Louizus my mind is all over the place this morning. Time to snark about the clothes. Looks like we are due for another dose of the &Go capsule – which only means one thing in my mind: UPLOAD THIS DRESSTHAT DRESS PLEASE! If that inkwell doesn’t come out stateside, I’m going to be incredibly sad. I’ve passed up on a couple new things this month to make sure when it comes around I don’t feel badly about spending $100+ on it. To day marks halfway through November and I’ve spent $0 of this month’s lulu money!


Why you gotta be all mean and negative like that? Optimism, people. Let’s have some.

What We Love – 11/17/15 Upload


Fitted back but floppy front. Tiny cute girls, this one’s all you. I’ll have peace of mind once my neighbor shuts his car alarm off. It’s 9:30 on a Sunday morning, sir. A man gets a new lady friend and suddenly -ish goes haywire. No I’m not a stalker, I am just observant when a new car starts parking overnight and I see a previously very manly man walking inside with a Vera Bradley tote bag on his shoulder from new mystery vehicle. That’s all.WWL2 copy

Anyone else just seeing a Miss Misty with a cinched waist? I like the color, but I’m quite happy with the jackets I have now. I like the cinch though, a great way to give your outfit some shape even when you’re all layered up.WWL2

Aaaand it’s a Scuba… with a cinched waist! Looks toasty, and I actually like the big ribbon-esque drawstrings. Only drawback is the color. With a cozy high neckline like that, beware of makeup rubbing off on the collar. Not cute.WWL3

This top gives me hope. Hope that the similar LS dress will be uploaded this week. (I don’t have a one-track mind no not at all). As for this one itself? Heathered bordeaux drama never quite won me over. The cut? I’ll have to try it on in person before I make my final call.WWL4 copy

Oh look, another FTBW! Shocker. *yawn* There are some Speed Shorts floating around overseas in this print, so there’s a likelihood we will be seeing more of it in the coming weeks.WWL4

This one may be my favorite one of the bunch. None of the previewed items this week have that WOW factor, but I do like that they took a nice color and heathered it with black for once, instead of white. This one may end up in a closet near me. You know, MINE. Swiftlies have been growing on me all year, and I only have light colors: Heathered Scream Green, Tranquil Blue & Fresco Blue. Time to go dark.

Is anything above jumping out and getting you excited for Tuesday?

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