This Week’s Upload: The Best of the Rest

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

This evening has been dubbed #impromptuesday. Why? Because I was supposed to go to happy hour tomorrow, and I went instead today. I may or may not have sneaked a peek at upload 2 hours ago while sitting and waiting for beer #2, and now that I’m on #4 it’s time to take to the macbook and blog! Aren’t you all lucky. Truffle fries, pizza, beer and a babybel cheese. Dinner of champions.

Stop judging me, I was the only girl at the box who Rx’d the 3rd metcon during yesterday’s WOD. So, pfffffft. (In related news, 135# hang cleans after not having done them in 5 months = not pretty.)

BTW, because this can’t wait until the additional notes section: Someone at HQ may or may not be drunk. THEY UPLOADED A SWIM BRA IN NORTH AMERICA TODAY. Are we for real? I saw SNOW 2 days ago, and you’re trying to get me to buy a swimsuit. Mmmkay. I don’t even know what they were thinking at HQ this week, there was no rhyme or reason, no capsule of the week. This is the rest of the random stuff that’s still lying in the warehouse waiting to be released. So, today’s picks are aptly dubbed the best of the rest.

5 Faves & a Dud – 10/20/15

Favorite #1: Versa Vest ($98) in black

VersaVestThis reminds me of a shortened version of the Quick Change Vest that I just got at the sale this weekend. It’s edgy and I liiiiike it!

Favorite #2: On the Double Pullover ($98) in heathered bordeaux drama/heathered bordeaux drama

OnTheDoubleIt’s like if your favorite ratty hoodie in college emerged from its awkward caterpillar stage and into something totally refined and glam. Kind of like Taylor Swift.

Favorite #3: Mesh With Me LS ($78) in Cosmic Teal

MeshWMeYeah, I went all googoo gaga for this in Sapphire Blue on this past week’s WWL, and then cosmic teal happened. Which color to get? Big decisions. Maybe I should try it on first. Super thin mesh keeps nobody warm in the winter, but it sure looks cute.

Favorite #4: On the Go Gloves ($38) in menthol/heathered forage teal

OntheGoThese are almost an exact replica of a gray & dark gray cashmere pair of gloves I found on Rue La La a few years ago. They went missing a while back and I have NO CLUE where they could be! My favorite gloves ever. While these are merino and not cashmere, I may end up getting them to fill the hole of the first world problem the OG gloves left when they went MIA.

Favorite #5: Take it Easy SS ($62) in heathered mod black

TakeItEasyTwisty detail FTW. Also, I’m loving looser tops lately. Totally awesome to wear when you’re having a fat day.

The Dud: Happy Strappy Tank ($58) in ace spot grain black/dottie dash grain black

HappyStrappyI wouldn’t wear this if you offered it to me at a warehouse sale for $9. Or if you handed it to me for free on the way out the door of said sale. UGH and a half.

I could write some more additional notes, but I admittedly don’t feel like it right now. If you’re reading this line right now, check back later to see if motivation has struck. If you’re still reading this… click here to cruise the full upload and spend some $ if you feel like it.


  1. Versa vest is full of the win and so versatile. It’s become a staple in y fall wardrobe as I can wear it to work

      1. Thanks for the props! Someone def thought it was the United States of AUSTRALIA when they checked the box to upload. Whomp whommmppp. Swimwear, who needs it?

  2. wait can we take a minute to talk about the runsie uploaded last night too??? Someone at HQ was for sure partying it up and said Upload ALL the Things!

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